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How to Save

Swiffer Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 7:38 am
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Thorough, easy cleaning, even in hard to reach places is easy with Swiffer products. These are the smart and easy to use mop, sweeper, and dusting systems that come with refills, and they are available in stores everywhere.  There are valuable Swiffer coupons for all these products, whether they are mops, dusters, wet, or dry.  Once you start saving money with Swiffer coupons, you will not want to switch back to your old way of cleaning.

There are some fabulous Swiffer coupons on their website.  You can get rebates, coupon booklets, and much more.  You’ll also find information on the various mops and vacuums.  This is lightweight and thorough cleaning at its best.

You will also find Swiffer coupons in newspapers and magazines, and occasionally in our printables section.  It pays to check back often to see our printable coupons, and read our blog updates for listings of these coupons and match ups to sales. Some times you will find them in the Home Made Simple coupon booklet which is mailed to many homes.  These also contain coupons for Cascade, Febreze, and Mr Clean products.

The amazing thing about Swiffer is that the disposable cloths really grab the dirt, instead of scattering it around like a mop or a duster.  If you have a pet, these are especially great, as you can reach on and under furniture, cushions, and into corners, and really grab the pet hair and dander instead of scattering it around.

There are always Swiffer coupons available in one form or another.  The trick is to match them to sales and refunds, so that you do not run out and you do not pay full price.  You can even beat the cost of regular cleaners that go with dusting and mopping as well. Watch our blogs for matchups to sales and in store rebates at major supermarkets and big box stores.  Once you switch to Swiffer, you won’t go back to regular cleaning.

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Orbitz Coupons

Posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010 at 6:43 pm
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Last minute deals are always plentiful at Orbitz, your complete travel site for air fare, hotels, car rental, cruises, and special attractions.  Whether you are planning a getaway, or a family vacation, you’ll love the low prices, great deals with online coupons, and incredible assortment of travel packages.

Orbitz is your total travel site, and it is much more than just planes and hotels.  You can get tickets to concerts and sporting events, as well as booking your car, your plane, your hotel, and your cruise.  There are special deals for popular destinations, and these include local attractions as well as the hotel/travel package.  With Orbitz coupons, your next vacation is closer than you thought – and much less expensive.

No other site offers you total packages, complete with theater tickets to Broadway shows, helicopter flights over scenic areas, Vegas shows, and sporting events.  Only Orbitz combines all of these to provide you with not just a trip but a vacation at a fraction of the cost you would pay if you booked all this yourself.  Don’t want a package?  That’s ok, you can still book separate parts of your trip through Orbitz.  You thought you couldn’t get tickets to those great events and attractions – but you can with Orbitz, and it is so easy.

There is never a booking fee on Orbitz flights, and you’ll save up to 40% on hotels.  Book them together, and rent a car, for extra savings.  The hotel fees are all up front, and there is never a booking fee or extra charge from Orbitz.  There are no cancellation fees.  Orbitz is about the most straightforward travel booking site you can find.  There’s no reason to book your trip anywhere else!

Keep checking back for our Orbitz coupons, and make your dream trip come true! You’ll spend less money, and have a great time!

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Choice Hotels Coupons

Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 9:54 pm
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Your family vacation just got much more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable with Choice Hotels.  It’s also amazingly affordable, with our online coupons and the great opportunity to earn free stays through the popular Choice Privileges program. With an amazing array of hotel brands, available nationwide in different price ranges, it is no wonder that this group of hotels is called “Choice”.

Choice Hotels offers a variety of name brand hotels, all of which meet high quality standards.  Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality Inn, Clarion, Sleep Inn, Cambria Suites, Mainstay Suites, Suburban, Econolodge, Rodeway Inn and Ascend Collection are their brands, all in convenient locations, all delivering high quality at an affordable price.

First of all, check out our Choice Hotels coupons for great savings.  Then, on the website, make sure you join their Choice Privileges program.  It’s a great way to earn points that can be redeemed for free stays, and enjoy other perks, including extended check out, free internet access, free newspaper, and express reservations and check in.  If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll want to look into Elite membership in the Privileges program.  You’ll earn points faster for free stays, and other rewards as well.  Rewards points can also be redeemed for gift cards, airline travel, dining, and luxury resorts.  There are no blackout dates for free stays at Choice Hotels!

You’ll find it is very easy to book your reservation online, although you don’t need a reservation to qualify for the points.  Find the hotel that is within your budget in your location.  Many Choice Hotels also accept pets, and provide a complimentary breakfast.  And here’s another perk:  Kids stay free!

So check back often for special discounts and Choice Hotels coupons.  You will find that travel on a budget does not have to mean a cheap hotel, but a high quality affordable one!

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Cheapo Air Coupons

Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 12:02 am
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There’s a new set of discount travel sites on the web and they are CHEAPO!  Yes, really.  Cheapo Air, Cheapo Stay, and Cheapo Stay!  Heading for fun in the sun?  Try Cheapo Caribbean!  Let’s talk about Cheapo Air here, since finding the cheapest flight is often a huge challenge.

You’ll find plenty of Cheapo Air coupons on our site.  They really want your business.  From dollars off your ticket, to specials at a great destination to guaranteed lowest fares, you will find unbeatable bargains here.  The site is easily searchable, and easy to sort by fares and stops.  You’ll also enjoy the travel blog, which gives you really great commentary on destinations and trips.  Not only do they save you money, they tell you how to save more!

You’ll find plenty of Cheapo Air coupons for $10 off your trip.  You’ll also find great discounts on business travel, and special deals throughout the site.  You may also find coupons popping up as you navigate the site.

At Cheapo Air, you will find group discounts for groups of nine or more.  Most travel sites do not give you this option, but you can actually CALL them and speak to a group travel consultant.  They have relationships with the group desks at most major airlines.  Now how’s that for the next class trip, or away game, or church youth trip?  An online discount travel website that actually understands group travel and knows how to talk on the phone!

Check our Cheapo Air coupons for all your travel plans.  You will be pleasantly surprised by how much money you can save on air travel.  With all the costs of air travel going up, the sites that save you money like Cheapo Air will continue to be very valuable for you.  Why pay any more than you have to?

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Aveeno Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 at 8:27 pm
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Aveeno products are known world wide for their therapeutic effect on skin.  Relief from dry, itchy skin is at hand with Aveeno oatmeal bath, lotions, and hair care.  The best thing about Aveeno products is that they are based on products found in nature.  Long known for their soothing oatmeal bath preparation, Aveeno is a trusted product for relaxing bathtime and healing skin.  Doctors have long recommended Aveeno baths for relief of itchy skin, rashes, and dryness.

Check out our printable coupon section for Aveeno products.  You will usually find a high value coupon, especially if there is a new product or scent introduced.  You will also find Aveeno coupons appearing frequently in your newspaper Sunday Inserts.  You will also find great coupons and rebate offers on the Aveeno website. The printable coupons tend to be high value, so they are great to cash in on sales at stores that accept internet printable coupons.

Aveeno has recently introduced an anti aging line of products.  Aveeno Active Naturals has a sunblock, and a creme to restore vitality to skin with elastin.  You will find that there are frequently some super offers on the website when Aveeno has new products, so be sure to look for refunds and great coupon offers.  The Active Naturals are oatmeal and soy based, just as you would expect from Aveeno.  These are items in nature that have proven value for the skin.

You’ll find Aveeno in supermarkets and in big box stores.  You’ll also find it in your local drugstore.  The frequent coupons for Aveeno make it possible for you to really enjoy special deals at stores that offer in store rebates and credits, such as CVS, Walgreens, and KMart.

Aveeno’s a great product to have on hand for family members of all ages, particularly those with sensitive skin.

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Dove Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 at 5:42 pm
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There are always Dove coupons to help you save money on this popular brand.  Combining them with sales, frequent rebates, and in store cash back programs can really help you stock up on Dove products for the whole family.

First, look at our printable coupons section. You will often find coupons for Dove listed in those.  Also, we link to offers from the Dove website. Printable coupons are often tied to special promotions, and tend to be high value.

Always check newspapers for Dove coupons.  Frequently, Dove coupons appear in the Sunday inserts, and they are used to introduce new products, new scents, and frequently tie into rebates.  The really good news about Dove coupons in the newspapers is that you will invariable see sales in the stores over the next few weeks.  Match them up, and you have a great deal on a fabulous product.

Dove is well known beauty brand, and they have committed themselves to promoting Real Beauty, with real women and girls.  Their Campaign for Real Beauty features testimonies about how the self esteem programs they fund for girls and women are making a positive difference.  Real people use their products, and so they have an interest in “real beauty”.  Dove invites you to “imagine beauty as a source of confidence”.

Dove makes moisturizing creams, body lotions, shower gels, soap, and hair care products for both men and women.  The brand is known for its soft gentleness to your skin, and is a preferred product for people with dry skin.  Check out our coupon section and our blogs often for updates on special Dove deals.  You will find great matchups usually at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and Kmart.  Saving the coupons and waiting for the special deal means you can always be stocking up on these soft, soothing body care products.

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Purina Coupons

Posted on Friday, June 18th, 2010 at 6:59 am
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You are never at a loss for Purina coupons.  These appear in the newspapers, on products, in packages, and in print.  You’ll often find special offers on the Purina website as well. Whether you share your life with a cat, dog, or other type of pet, you know how valuable it is to find coupons for the food they love.

First, check our printable coupons section for valuable Purina pet food coupons.  There is almost always something from Purina.  Next, check out the Purina website.  You’ll find coupons, and also ways that the company helps support animals in shelters.  Finally, keep checking your Sunday newspaper inserts and magazine coupons.  You’ll frequently find the latest coupons for Purina pet foods.

You’ll love the variety of products that Purina makes.  Whether it is dry kibble or moist, meaty canned foods, your pet will enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, and you will not lose out at the supermarket.  There are also varieties for special diets, formulas for kittens and puppies, older cats and dogs, and even a Natural line, with the best of ingredients. Purina also makes other pet supplies, such as Tidy Cat litter, dog treats, and dog training pads.

You’ll especially love Purina‘s commitment to assisting distressed animals in shelters.  The Give-a-bowl program features coupons that when redeemed are matched with a donation to local shelters.  That’s a savings for you, and benefits animals.  The program may be discontinued during a given time period once they have reached their goal.  There are also websites and programs they support which promote adoption, and give you great information on the proper care and health of your pet.

Check back often for the latest coupons from Purina, and information in our blog and forums about all the ways to save on these fine products.

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Nivea Coupons

Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 4:39 pm
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The super deals for Nivea products just keep on coming.  Fortunately, so do the Nivea coupons.  You’ll find many great coupons for these moisturizers, body washes, and skin care products in our printable coupon section.  You will also find that Nivea frequently prints coupons in the newspapers and other places.

You’ll often find that drug stores and supermarkets have great specials on Nivea products.  When you find a store that has an in store rebate, such as CVS, Walgreens, KMart, or Rite Aid, be sure to use your coupons for Nivea – you’ll wind up with the amount of the coupon as profit many times.  It is a great way to stock up on a high quality skin care product for both men and women. In fact, you may find some of these on clearance, and really stock up!

Nivea is known for being a high quality skin care product.  Their slogan is “Beauty is Feeling Good”.  This healthy approach to natural everyday care is what makes their products so popular worldwide.  They emphasize taking care of your skin, which naturally beautifies it.  To that end, they feature body lotions, creams, sunblock, body wash, and a special line of facial care products.  There are specialized lines for baby care, and for men.  No one knows skin care like the folks at Nivea.

Nivea also has products for hair care, and deodorant.  This is a line of total body care, and it is popular, affordable, and high quality.  It’s extra affordable when you use coupons!  Keep checking our printable coupons for high value Nivea offers.  The blog and forums will keep you up to date on sales and special offers at stores where you can use those coupons.  Winter or summer, you will always need high quality skincare products, and Nivea is an excellent and affordable choice.

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Kellogg’s Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 at 5:59 pm
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You will always find some kind of great deal with Kellogg’s.  From coupons in newpapers, store pads, and in print, to great prizes and refund offers, there is always something great besides cereal.

For starters, check out the Kellogg’s coupons in our printable coupon section.  There is ALWAYS something.  Next, check your Sunday newspaper.  The regular coupon inserts often feature coupons for Kellogg’s products, often in their own section.  You will find these in some magazines too.  And finally, check in the stores and on the packages.  Kellogg’s is great for printing coupons on their packages, and there are frequently short dates coupons in the blinkie dispensers in the supermarket.

Next, check out the Kellogg’s website.  They usually have special offers and coupons that you can print.  Kellogg’s is well known for great promotions, and you’ll find the forms on the site for premiums, refunds, and discounts.  You’ll also get some great ideas for recipes and nutrition. It is really best to register at the Kellogg’s website.  You’ll be able to get coupons in your email, and announcements of all the latest promotions.  When you go to the store, and shop the cereal aisle, you’ll see that there are so many specially marked packages  of Kellogg’s cereals for different offers.  The website helps you track all the offers that you are interested in.

You can check out our blogs and forums for tips on matching Kellogg’s coupons to store deals.  When you combine a coupon with a sale and a rebate or in store cash back programs, the cost of this popular cereal goes WAY down.  No more tasteless generic store brand cereal for you!

Kellogg’s coupons, rebates, prizes, and great cereal products at a fantastic savings – what more could you ask for at your breakfast table?  Be sure to check back often for updates.  Kellogg’s is always coming out with new coupons.

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Nintendo DS Coupons

Posted on Monday, June 14th, 2010 at 9:24 pm
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Handheld video gaming is at a whole new level with Nintendo DS and DSi.  This ultra compact system lets you take powerful gaming with you wherever you go.  Sleek and portable, Nintendo DS is a fun system that will amuse you for hours.  Relax at home, play with friends, or pass time on a long trip or commute.  All your favorite games are right here at your fingertips.

Take a look at our Nintendo DS coupons.  Many retailers have specials on this little beauty of the gaming world.  You’ll find super bundles, combining games and hardware, and even a road kit.  Never be bored!

Nintendo DS makes a great gift, which is all the more reason to look for the best specials and use online coupons.  There are always new games, and new upgrades.  The graphics are superior, and you are guaranteed hours of fun as you achieve new levels of gaming ability.  Having two screens, one of which is a touch screen, adds a new dimension to the experience.  More and more, gaming is breaking free of buttons, wires, and clunky control devices.

Nintendo DS is recommended for children and adults of all ages, as even preschoolers are capable of handling DS Lite.  The games are interesting, and lots of fun.  Parents of course will want to supervise what games are available to their children, but the device itself is suitable for a wide variety of ages and stages!  Video games help with hand to eye coordination.

Be sure to check back for our coupons often, as these specials for Nintendo DS change often.  There are seasonal promotions for games and hardware, and all sorts of pre order incentives, from gift cards to free games.  You can get the good stuff, for far less money than most people are spending in the stores, especially at holiday time.

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