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How to Find a Deal of the Day

Posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 3:18 am
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Use these tips to find your deal of the day

Use these tips to find your deal of the day

Do you ever hear someone brag about a great bargain that they got online and wonder how they ever found it? Often some of the best deals are the ones that last only a single day or sometimes only for a couple of hours. Normally, these are pretty hard to catch.

Often the best online deals are featured in a store’s “Deal of the Day,” or “Deal of the Week.” Sometimes links to the deals are obvious, but more often than not, these deals are pretty hidden, a sort of way of rewarding loyal customers who take the time to find them.

There are a couple of ways to find these deal. You can check in the forums. When someone finds a fantastic deal, they will usually post it, along with the details of where to find it and for how long. You can also check your favorite online stores daily to see if you can spot these deals yourself. Sometimes following a banner ad or a text link will bring you to the best daily bargain.

Here are some of my favorite websites that offer deals of the day or deals of the week, along with the links to where they can usually be found.

Amazon Goldbox

There is a deal of the day plus lightening deals that only last for a couple of hours.

6Ave Sick Deal of the Day

How about a Netbook for less than $100? That is sick. Check here for deep discounts on electronics.


You’ve seen me post about Woot before. The thrill of the chase is here with only one item featured per day, and when it is sold out then you are out of luck. I’ve seen everything from camcorders, to Roomba robotic vacuums, to bathing suits. They are usually pretty heavy on the electronics.

Baby Age – Shop the Deal of the Day.

There are some great baby closeouts here with savings usually in the 40-6- percent off range.

Best Deal Magazines Deal of the Day

I enjoy magazines, so I check this link often for my favorites. Hit or miss. There is usually one deal that is $3.99 or less, only with several deals that are $4.69 for full subscriptions.

Don’t miss Deal of the Day! Check in daily to see the lowest prices on different products every day! While supplies last. Look in special offers and featured offers for more deals.

Kmart Deal of the Day

New Kmart Deal of the Day – new offer daily! If the deal expires, it will take you to a search page.

Pfaltzgraff’s Deal of the Day

Up to 85% OFF! One day, one product, one great deal! Most deals verage about 70 percent off. Look for dinnerware sets, linens, etc. While you are on the site, also check out the clearance section.

Sears – Daily Deals

New Great Deal of the Day. This is a great place to grab holiday gifts months in advance, since they have everything from tools to clothing.

Barnes & Noble – Deal of the Day

You can actually get six new deals every day. There is usually a magazine deal, a book deal, a DVD deal, a music deal, a children’s book deal and a poster deal each day.

RugSale – Deal of the Day

Up to 90% off one Special Rug, although most deals seem to be about 60-70 percent off.

ShopPBS – Deal of the Day –

Additional 20% off a new item daily. There are usually other deals on the same page, such as free items with purchase.

Target – Shop Daily Deals at

What is nice about this one is that the daily deal always comes with free shipping. There were some pretty nice look sandals on there the other day.

What are some of the best online deals that you have found? I’d love to hear about them!

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Macy’s Coupons

Posted on Friday, April 30th, 2010 at 9:31 am
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Macy’s has a slogan – it’s like no other store in the world – and it’s true!  This venerable retail institution has long been a cornerstone of New York City, where they sponsor the world famous Macy’s  Thanksgiving Day parade.  Now they are online, and you can get the same great merchandise for home, kitchen, gifts, and clothing at great savings – and without wearing out your feet!

First of all, check out our online coupons to save money on purchases and shipping.  Macy’s has frequent promotions for free gifts with purchase, bridal registry, and free or $5 shipping.  On the site, you will see a section for online and in store specials.  This is loaded with seasonal offers, and you will save a ton of money on high quality clothing, jewelry, and home items.

Macy’s is known the world over for their fabulous kitchen merchandise.  You will find everything for your kitchen, from cutlery, tableware, cookware, and small appliances that are fit for a gourmet chef to everyday basics.  Macy’s is a premier shopping destination for cooks and gourmets the world over.

Next, you’ll want to pamper yourself with purchases from the beauty department.  You know that if you walk into any Macy’s store, you will immediately see plenty of counters with just about every high end brand of cosmetics and perfumes available.  The same is true online.  You’ll frequently find coupons for free items with purchase from beauty and bath products, and you will truly be able to buy the best for less.

Whether you shop in store or online, you will find that Macy’s is a true jewel in the crown for high end bargain hunters.  You may be on a strict budget, but Macy’s will still be true to one of their slogans:  “Macy’s – it’s a part of your life”.

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Campbell’s Coupons

Posted on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 6:34 pm
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Something good is always cooking with Campbell’s, and we don’t just mean soup.  There are great bargains on the Campbell’s site, and there are always coupons and savings on these long time favorites.  Right now you can get printable coupons on the Campbell’s family of products.  These include Pepperidge Farm, Swanson, Vlasic Pickles and V8 as well as canned soups.

Check out our printable coupons section often for coupons from Campbells, and from  There are often products from this family of companies.  You can also look for our specials with supermarkets, such as Safeway, Peapod, and Vons.

Besides great prices, recipes, and super deals with coupons and promotions, Campbell’s is known for one ongoing promotion that makes a huge difference to schools.  The Campbell’s Labels for Education program has been ongoing for years.  Schools collect labels and proofs of purchase and are able to redeem them for big prizes.  Some schools have been able to equip their gyms, purchase computers, or even a van with Campbell’s labels.  Many people routinely save them, and donate them to area schools.  It makes a huge difference in many communities.

Campbell’s is also known for being a staple of hearty eating, and day to day home cooking.  Lately they’ve been expanding their line to include healthier choices – which they call “Healthy Choice”.  These are lower in sodium and leaner than the traditional canned soups.  They also are known for their “Chunky” soups – in fact they were the first to prepare canned soup that was not condensed, could be heated up straight from the can, and tasted very close to home made.

You’ll want to check your newspapers and our printable coupons often for coupons from the Campbell’s family of companies.  Stocking your pantry with  these staples is essential, and you’ll want to save as much money as you can while eating hearty!

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Kohl’s Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 at 8:22 pm
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The savings online and in store don’t stop at Kohl’s.  Not only will you find a wide variety of quality merchandise, but you’ll be able to take advantage of online coupons, special sales, and the opportunity to earn Kohl’s Cash which can be spent online or in stores.  With high end designer brands, Jewelry, shoes, and luxurious furniture and home accessories, you’ll find that Kohl’s is one of your favorite online destinations.

Start with our Kohl’s coupons.  You’ll find special sales, and usually a coupon for a percentage off your purchase.  Then, head for the site.  You’ll find all the great merchandise you are looking for, and additional offers for savings with Kohl’s cash.  This is an in store rebate which you can claim by email.  Your Kohl’s cash coupon will be sent to your email, and you can use it in the store or online.

There’s free standard shipping when you spend $75 or more after coupons. You’ll find that this money really buys a lot at Kohl’s.  The best discounts are in the online clearance section, where the prices are unbeatable.  You will find better deals here than at many discount stores, and much higher quality.

You’ll find frequent promotions, seasonal savings, and always have online access to the store flyer to that you can look up the latest sales.  Enjoy brands like Dana Buchman, Gloria Vanderbilt, Panama Jack, Speedo, Danskin, and Croft & Barrow.  Sports fan?  There’s an online team shop for all major league sports, including MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NFL, and NHL.  Kohl’s is a super site for toys, with many discounts and promotions.  And don’t forget, there’s a complete kitchen store, with products featured on Food Network and promoted by great chefs.

You’ll love the savings and the quality at Kohl’s.  Check out our coupons often and expect great things!

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Old Navy Coupons

Posted on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 at 6:37 pm
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Tuesdays are the day for savings at Old Navy.   You’ll get 10% off on Tuesday with any order using the Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Gap card.  But you don’t have to wait for Tuesday for special savings.  Shop the two-for deals for savings online every day.

They have a fun promotion now, they are looking for the next “Supermodelquin“.  You have a chance to make yourself over on the site like a mannequin.  One winner will take home E$100,000 and you get to decide who it is! Old Navy is full of fun ideas like this.  They are also a super source for high quality, low priced quality clothing for the entire family.

On the Old Navy site, the ongoing discounts you will find are the item of the week, and you can get free shipping with a $100 purchase.  That applies for all five linked sites –,,, and  You’ll find frequent coupon codes to reduce that amount, and you will get a LOT for your money.  Across all the sites, there is just one flat shipping rate.  It’s like visiting a cyber mall!

You’ll find great resources on the Old Navy site – size charts, color samples, and just about every category of clothing you can imagine, in all sorts of specialties.  The descriptions are very detailed about the measurement of the clothing.  And the categories range from sports, tees, pants, women’s, men’s, etc, to specialties like tall, petite, and wear-to-work.  This clothing truly fits the active lifestyle, and is affordable and smartly styled.  You will wonder why you ever decided to go into a fitting room in a mall and try things on when you discover how easy it is to shop for inexpensive and fashionable clothing online at Old Navy.

Keep checking our site for all the special coupons for Old Navy, and save even more money on quality clothing for the whole family.

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Amazon Coupons

Posted on Monday, April 26th, 2010 at 8:40 pm
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One thing is certain when it comes to online shopping: Amazon isn’t just for books anymore.  You’ll find just about everything you need sold on the site, and the deals are tremendous.  You’ll find super deals on electronics, clothing, jewelry, toys, and even groceries.  It’s one of the best sources of free MP3 downloads.  There’s a method to getting the best out of Amazon deals.  Here’s how:

First, sign up for the free Amazon Prime 30 day trial membership.  You’ll be able to get unlimited free two day shipping on most items that are sold directly by Amazon.  After 30 days, the membership is $79 a year.  You’ll find that this pays for itself if you use Amazon frequently, especially with savings on gas.  With the super deals on bulk grocery purchases, books, and millions of items that Amazon sells, you’ll want to have this membership and use it.

Next, check out the coupons we have on Amazon deals here. You’ll want to check this frequently, as these change often.  You’ll see, there truly is a variety, and many of these are only found through these links.

No discussion of really getting the most out of Amazon would be complete without mentioning the daily Goldbox deals and Lightning deals.  The Goldbox deals of the day are daily discounts on select merchandise, and you just never know what is next.  One day you could have a discount on toys, one day on watches, one day on a GPS system.  The Lightning Goldbox deals are featured throughout the day, lasting only until the supply is exhausted or for several hours.  These feature discounts of anywhere from 25% to 75%, and they are well worth checking into.

I can’t stress enough how great Amazon is for toys.  You have to watch for the sales, but it is worth it.  There’s a Disney store, and you can get everything from dolls to bikes and ride on toys, and playground equipment.  And yes, most of those are eligible for the free 2 day shipping with the Amazon Prime membership.

After you’ve become an Amazon customer, you’ll see daily “quick picks” just for you on the home page, depending on what you have ordered in the past.  These discounts don’t last long, and you only get one per day.  Once you’ve placed the item in your cart, you’ll have 60 minutes to check out and receive additional Goldbox savings.

There’s also a great way to explore the Amazon site – as a seller.  Not only can you save money at Amazon, you can make money too.  Sell your books, music, and other items as well.  It’s a great place to sell gift items, and get your online retail merchandise sold.

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Gift Closet Deals

Posted on Monday, April 5th, 2010 at 6:39 pm
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Do you have a gift closet in your home? If you don’t, you should consider starting one. A gift closet can save you money.

What is a gift closet?

A gift closet doesn’t have to actually be a closet. it could be a box under the bed, a place in the attic or even a little bit of cleverly hidden storage in an ottoman, a desk or even behind a couch, depending on your available space.

A gift closet is a place where you can store various gift deals that you find throughout the year. Then, whenever a gift need comes up, such as a birthday, anniversary or other holiday, you can go “shopping” in your gift closet.

How does a gift closet save money?

A gift closet saves money because it allows you to pay next to nothing for the gifts you need to purchase. Instead of overspending at the last minute for a gift, you can keep everything within a budget. For example, I know my son’s friends all like Bakugan toys. So when Sears was doing a toy clearance event last month, I was able to stock up on these toys. Instead of paying $10-$25 per toy, I only spent $3-$7 per toy! You can’t beat that.

Where can you find gift closet deals?

To find the best gift closet deals, just keep your eyes open. When you are out shopping anywhere, be sure to check in at the clearance sections, because you never know what you might find. Check my Twitter, too, because I’ll often post deals I find when I am out and about, such as the V-Smile cartridges that were in clearance at all of the Radio Shack stores.

Stock up on gifts when you find a really good coupon code or deal online, too. Combining orders will often save your on shipping.

Hot online deals

All of the birthday party requests have been coming in for my kids, and my gift closet is a bit depleted from the Christmas holidays. So I did a little searching this morning.

These are the online brands that usually have some good stock up deals for the gift closet. You can click on the brands below to see a list of coupon codes and discount links for each of them.

GameStop: They often have specific deals of the day. Some of my favorite ones are $10 off plus free shipping, and the buy one get one free deals on new and used video games.

ToysRUs: For hot toys, this is where I go first. When there is a popular toy, they will often offer discounts on it. Also check out the clearance deals.

Lego: I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t like Legos. Legos are a great gift for boys or girls, so I stock up here when they offer a really good deal.

Amazon: Their deal of the day sometimes hits on something that is great for the gift closet, such as DVDs. For younger kids, I look for coupons and deals on Melissa and Doug products because they seem to hold up well and are a good value.

Also, make sure to browse as many brands as you can for coupons. You never know what you might find, and the best codes often run out quickly.

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Do You Woot?

Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 12:12 pm
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saveMy friend Kristy recently turned me on the the wonderful world of Woot and Kids Woot. I had heard of these web sites before, but I somehow never got around to checking them out very much. It wasn’t until Kristy started sharing the deals she was getting by posting them in her Facebook Status that I really started paying attention.

What is Woot?

In their own words, “ is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap.” Woot features a single item each day for a deeply discounted price. You can only get that item on that particular day, and as long as supplies are available. New products are launched at midnight central time and will be available until the next launched product or until the the product sells out.

Why is Woot cool?

Well, Woot is pretty cool, or hot, or rad or whatever your generational term happens to be simply because you can get a great product at a deep discount. Shipping is always only $5, and you can buy up to three of the same product per account. It is thrill of the chase. Really great products at really deep discounts sell out quickly. And the editorial comments that go with the products are clever and fun to read. Even if you have no intention of buying anything, you’ll want to stop by just for those comments.

What are the different Woots?

The main Woot is You’ll find all sorts of products there. There is also Kids Woot at, Shirt Woot (with free shipping) at, Wine Woot at, and Sellout Woot (which is combining with Deals Woot) at

What are some Woot strategies?

To get the deals on Woot, there is really only one thing to do. When you spot something you want, don’t hesitate about buying it. The site never tells you how many of that item is available, so you never know when it will sell out. By the time I convinced my husband that we wanted a new featured Rooba robotic vacuum for our home that was discounted more than $80, it was already sold out.

Serious wooters stay up until midnight or set their alarms to make sure they catch the deals as soon as they launch.

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Having Fun on a Budget

Posted on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at 9:22 pm
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Whoa does my family need to get out. You know that you have been indoors too long when a family trip to IKEA feels like a trip to an amusement park. With everything that has been going on at home and with the weather, our fun meter hasn’t been exactly pointing to full.

It took that IKEA trip to really put things a bit in perspective. Still, we don’t have the budget for extra expenses. So, we sat around the dinner table tonight and did some brainstorming on how we could get some more fun without the expense.

My suggestion was that we take a look around in our community. Although most community events happen in the summer, there are still free things to do. The local church is offering a fun night for kids with a moon bounce and snacks, and this includes free baby sitting! The local library is offering a family movie, the Lions’s Club has a low cost pancake breakfast, and a nearby ice rink has an event that offers two free hours of ice skating time when you rent skates.

My husband focused more on having fun at home. He wanted to rent some movies. This can be done for free two ways. The local library system allows you to check out movies for free. Our supermarket has a RedBox machine. There are plenty of RedBox coupon codes that give you free rentals!

The kids suggested having sleep overs with their friends. This is basically free, with maybe a tiny bit of money for snacks. The cost is so small, though, especially if we make homemade popcorn, homemade pizza and buy drinks in bulk.

For spur of the moment fun, we decided we could always bake a fun desert together or go dust off the board games.

What things do you do to have fun on a budget? I’d really like to add some more ideas to our list.

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How to Save Money on Medicine

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010 at 10:25 pm
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Medicine is getting expensive these days, whether it is over the counter medicine or prescriptions. Most people grumble but pay whatever price they are told. However, you can save money on your current medicines. Here are some ways to save.

Look for coupons

Believe it or not, some prescription drug companies offer coupons that can be used on your prescriptions. The makers of Nasonex is one of them. (Click here for $15 off).

There are also coupons for over the counter medicines as well. Just use your search engine and plug in the name of the medicine and the word “coupon” to find these offer, or check out the forums.

Look for online coupon codes and deals

In addition to coupons, you can find online coupon codes and deal, especially for use with over the counter medications. For example, is offering $5 off of a $30 offer or $10 off a $50 offer through this link.

Use the Walmart $4 deal

Walmart offers a prescription program that features $4 prescriptions. They also offer some 90-supply medications at $10. Check out the list. If your medicine isn’t listed, your doctor may be willing to switch your brand to one that is on the list. You can learn more about the program here.

Buy it pre-tax

Many employees offer a way to use pre-tax dollars to pay for medication. Basically, you designate a dollar amount that you will use for the year. That amount comes out of your pay before taxes. You are usually given a card that can be used just like a credit card to pay for your medication. The catch is that if you don’t use up all of the money by the end of the year you lose it. But it is easy to use up the money, especially when you consider that everything from over the counter pain killers to band aids are allowed to be purchased with the plan.

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