Online Shopping? Where You Live Can Determine How Much You Save
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Online Shopping? Where You Live Can Determine How Much You Save

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 5:15 am
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The Today Show reported on a story that shows that where you live can make a big difference in how much you save and how quickly you receive your products when you shop online. How does your state measure up?

The website Extrabux is the focus behind the analysis. They took a look at all of the various states and examined the online shopping experience. Areas that were factored in included taxes, shipping costs and shipping time.

The number one winner of all of the states was Delaware. Not only can Delaware residents get their items tax free, but their shipping time is one of the shortest in the country, averaging less than three days. Their shipping cost was tied for third lowest. Mississippi came in second and New Hampshire was third.

The worst states for online shopping, as you might have guessed, would be Hawaii and Alaska (since they are far away from the main part of the country) followed by California. They had the highest shipping and tax costs.

Don’t worry if your state didn’t make it toward the top of the list. There are still other ways that you can save money and get speedy shipping when you shop online:

  • Looking for discount and free shipping coupons and codes
  • Buy in bulk to reduce shipping costs
  • Have items shipped to your local retail store for free
  • Look for closeout and clearance items
  • Do cost comparisons online and include all costs including shipping and taxes
  • Look for free or low cost shipping upgrades
  • Shop during the holidays, when there are great discounts and deals to be had.

You can also save money by bargaining. Yes, you can bargain even when you shop online. The secret is to call customer service or take advantage of the online customer assistance for the store. Often they can alert you to additional discounts or authorize a deal that will get you paying less.

You can read the Today Show article here.

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