More Swapping Sites to Save Money
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More Swapping Sites to Save Money

Posted on Friday, July 29th, 2011 at 6:12 am
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A couple of weeks ago I talked about how you can swap your old clothes and save online. But did you know you can swap just about anything online and save tons of money by doing it? Check out these swapping sites and find which ones are right for you:

  • BookMooch: Give your old books away in exchange for new reading material. BookMooch works on a points system. You get points for every book you list and give away, and in turn can use these points to get books you want to read. To keep good standing, give away one book for every two you receive. Membership is free.
  • Title Trader: Swap books, CDs, and DVDs around the world. You will earn a credit when someone receives and item from you, then you can cash in your credit for something you want. You pay for shipping and postage, but membership is free.
  • Textbook Revolt: This is a great resource for students to rent and swap textbooks. All you need is a valid student email address to sign up (for example,
  • SwitchPlanet: Another site for swapping books, CDs, DVDs, and video games. SwitchPlanet works on a point system similar to that of BookMooch. Membership is free, but members are welcome to make donations to help support families in need.
  • Freecycle: Everything is free! The aim of this nonprofit organization is to keep reusable items out of the landfills. You can find all kinds of reusable goods on this site.
  • U-Exchange: Specializes in every type of trade. Trade anything on U-Exchange completely free.
  • HomeExchange: Why pay for an expensive vacation rental when you can swap homes with someone? Find someone who lives where you want to vacation and who wants to vacation where you live!
  • SwapAGift: Allows you to swap your unused and unwanted gift cards for cash (at a percentage of the remaining amount).
  • SwapTreasures: Offers a place for members to barter and swap goods and services in return for points. Sign up now and receive $25 worth of points right away.
  • Paperback Swap: List your used books. Once one of your books is requested, you can mail it to the other member. Then choose from over 5,000,000 available books and have it mailed to you for free!
  • Serves somewhat like a huge online swap meet – you can swap almost anything on The site advertises that it has saved members a cumulative total of over $12 million!
  • Babysitter Exchange: The idea of finding a babysitter online might not sounds so great. But on you can create communities with people you trust and trade babysitting within your community. This is a great way to communicate and organize schedules.


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