Money Saving Habits to Start Right Now
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Money Saving Habits to Start Right Now

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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Don’t wait until the new year to start saving money. You can start at any time! It is possible to save money, little by little. Eventually, it adds up to a useful amount. Give a few of these ideas a try.

Save Money at Restaurants
One simple way to save money at a restaurant is to skip the alcohol. Most restaurants will offer water for free. If not, when the server asks what you want to drink – ask for water. It is much less expensive to have a glass of wine at dinner at your home than at a restaurant.

Skip the desert menu. Many of them are overpriced. Or, you can bring the cost down by splitting a dessert with someone else. Both of you can share the sweet for half of the calories the whole dessert contained.

Dining out by yourself? There are two ways to save money. Sit at the bar instead of waiting for a table. You will be given a small plate menu, with items that tend to be inexpensive. For best results, visit the restaurant during Happy Hour, where you can get drinks and food for cheaper than usual.

Build an Emergency Fund
An emergency fund is a very important thing to have. It is money set aside for when something goes wrong – like an unexpected car repair, a health issue your insurance doesn’t cover, and more.

An emergency fund can help prevent the need of having to get a loan or to max out your credit cards. Save up the money, set it aside, and avoid expensive interest rates.

The money you saved by making less expensive choices at restaurants should go into your emergency fund. Other ways to make money for your emergency fund include: having a garage sale, selling unwanted items online, or getting a seasonal or temporary job.

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