Mail in Rebates
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Mail in Rebates

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 at 2:12 pm
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Have you ever used a mail in rebate?  These types of rebates are not the same as using a coupon, but, they can still help you to save some money.  There are a few more steps involved with using a mail in rebate than there are when you use a coupon.  You have to decide if the extra effort is worth it.

When you use a coupon, you instantly save a certain amount of money when you get to the cash register.  You get some instant gratification.  This is not how things work with mail in rebates.  There are many extra steps involved before you will see any savings.

First, you have to come across a product that has a mail in rebate that goes along with it.  They are not as common as coupons!  Once you have located a mail in rebate form, you should read it over very carefully.  In order to get the savings, you have to do everything exactly as it is listed on the rebate form.

Ask yourself the following questions.  What product is this rebate connected with?  Can I buy any size of the product, or does it have to be a certain size?  How many of this product do I need to buy in order to send in the rebate?  Is this rebate good with any variety of the product, or does it have to be a particular variety?  How much will I save if I send in this mail in rebate?  The answer to these questions can help you figure out if the rebate is worth it.

Let’s say that you have found a mail in rebate that you want to send in.  Now is the time to shop carefully.  Make sure that you are purchasing the correct number of the right product, (and that you have selected the correct size).  Hang on to your receipt, (because you might need to send it out with the mail in rebate).  After you use the products, make sure that you remove the UPC label, the boxtop, or whatever else the mail in rebate specifically requires you to collect.

The next step is to gather all those items and your mail in rebate form.  You might need to fill something out on the form.  Put everything into an envelope, and make certain that you are writing the correct mailing address on it.  Use the right amount of stamps.  Make sure you are sending the rebate in before the deadline.  Once you send out the mail in rebate form, there is nothing more for you to do except wait.  Eventually, the rebate savings check will arrive in your mail.

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