Lyft Asks Chicagoans to Ditch Their Cars
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Lyft Asks Chicagoans to Ditch Their Cars

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 at 7:00 am
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Lyft is an on-demand ride sharing service that functions similarly to Uber. Put their app on your phone, and use it to contact a Lyft driver when you need a lift. Short trips can be very inexpensive. Lyft is currently offering Chicagoans $550 if they get rid of their cars. This unique program could spread to other cities.

It is called the #DitchWithLyft Challenge. To do it, you must break up with your car for a month. Lyft is giving 100 people who live in Chicago credits for Lyft, CTA Monthly Passes, Divvy Monthly Passes, and ZipCar. The main purpose of the challenge is to reduce congestion on Chicago’s streets.

The Verge has more details about how this works. The first thing to know is that Lyft is not handing people money. Instead, they are making it possible for people to use alternative forms of transportation for free.

A total of 100 Chicagoans who sign up will receive $300 in Lyft shared ride credit (for use in carpool trips only), $45 for a monthly Divvy bike-share pass, $100 in ZipCar credit, and $105 for “L” train and bus service.

Those who are interested in participating will need to prove to Lyft that they own a vehicle in order to qualify. Those who qualify will be on an “honor system” to make sure they keep up their end of the bargain (and do not drive their car for 30 days). Participants are encouraged to post on social media about their experience. Lyft will conduct before and after challenge interviews to gauge reactions.

Lyft is considering launching a #DitchYourCar Challenge in Portland later in 2018. That program will ask people who live in Portland, and who own cars, to give up their car for an entire year, rather than just for one month.

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