7 Ideas for Last-Minute Summer Family Fun
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7 Ideas for Last-Minute Summer Family Fun

Posted on Friday, July 26th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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The summer won't last forever.  Try out some of these fun (and frugal) ideas before the new school year starts.When do your children go back to school? At most, there may be a month left of the current summer vacation. That should give you enough time to work through this list of fun (and frugal) family fun before the summer ends. Each idea will ward off boredom and entertain kids of all ages.

Use the kiddy pool.
Put it in your backyard, fill it with water, and let the kids cool off from the summer heat. For added fun (for older kids) fill up some water balloons for them to throw at each other.

Catch fireflies.
Depending on where you live, these glowing, flying, insects may also be called lightning bugs. Get a glass (or plastic) jar that is empty and clean. Punch a few holes into the lid. Let your kids catch the bugs and place them inside the jar. The whole thing will glow and sparkle when enough bugs are inside it. Don’t forget to open up the lid and watch the bugs float away at the end of the night.

Visit the Drive In.
There aren’t very many of these left! If there is a drive-in move theater near you, take advantage of it. Every kid should have the experience of watching at least one drive-in movie with his or her parents during summer vacation.

Camp in the backyard.
Not enough time left to plan an extended camping trip at a camp ground? Use your own backyard instead. Set up a small tent. Unroll the sleeping bags. Make sure each kid has a flashlight to use. Don’t forget to apply bug spray to keep the mosquitos away.

Read a story.
Parents of older kids may not recall when the last time was that you sat down and read them a book. Choose a chapter book that is age appropriate (or just hysterically funny). Gather together and read one chapter a night until the book is done. A parent can do all the reading, or the kids can take turns reading parts, too.

Create a chalk masterpiece.
All you need is some sidewalk chalk, a driveway, and a good imagination. Your kids can use the chalk to make colorful and detailed “chalk paintings”. The chalk can be used to draw a road that they can ride their bikes up and down. It is also good for drawing hopscotch and tic-tac-toe boards.

Watch the sun set.
Summer is a great time to visit a local beach and watch the sun set. Bring along sunglasses to help protect everyone’s eyes, and remind smaller children not to stare directly at the sun. Your kids can take a few digital photos of the sunset to make the memory last longer.

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