Kroger Launches Main & Vine
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Kroger Launches Main & Vine

Posted on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 7:00 am
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fresh foodBig chain grocery stores are beginning to realize that the needs and desires of customers have changed. In the past, people may have selected products because they happen to favor a certain brand.

Today, families want to be able to access food that is healthy for their families. Kroger, perhaps influenced by this change, is launching a fresh foods concept.

Kroger is launching a new, smaller, banner store called Main & Vine. It is described as a place “where eating is healthy, affordable, and fun!” The Main & Vine website shows lovely photos of fresh produce, and has a limited amount of information about the store.

Main & Vine promises that customers will enjoy the following things:
* Fresh, affordable local produce and meat
* A wide selection of local beer and wine
* Unique culinary experiences and taste adventures, with tasty meals made fresh in our kitchen
* “And so much more”

The very first Main & Vine store will be in Gig Harbor, Washington, in the Seattle area. The store will be 27,000 square feet. It will include the big brand “staples” that many consumers are still buying. In addition, Main & Vine will have fresh, organic, and local foods. Produce and bulk sections will be located in the center of the store. That’s a big change from where most grocery stores put that section – off to the side.

It appears to be more than a just another grocery store. Main & Vine will offer prepared foods. It will have a coffee, wine and beer bar, and a dual level cafe area. This makes Main & Vine sound like a good place to hang out and meet people, either before or after you shop for healthy groceries.

The one and only location of Main & Vine that Kroger is starting with is obviously being done as a test. If it is successful, there is the possibility that Kroger might choose to roll out more Main & Vine stores in other states.

So far, there is no information at all about where those additional locations may appear. Some speculate that Kroger, who acquired Roundy’s Inc. (a chain of supermarket stores in Wisconsin and the greater Chicago area) might be considering turning those stores into brand new Main & Vine locations. Again, this is speculation – not fact.

The Main & Vine stores are not the only thing Kroger has done to improve the quality of foods that are available to its customers. Kroger’s Simple Truth is the largest organic brand in the United States. Kroger’s popular organic brand was less expensive than similar products from Whole Foods.

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