JC Penney's Penny Days - Buy Clothes for a Penny
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JC Penney’s Penny Days – Buy Clothes for a Penny

Posted on Sunday, March 13th, 2016 at 6:28 pm
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JcPenneyShopping for new clothes can be expensive. This is why people look for clearance sales and visit thrift stores You can buy more clothes if you can find ways to save money on them. JC Penney has a new idea that can make clothes shopping fit into everyone’s budget. They are selling clothing for just one penny!

JC Penny has launched a new campaign called “Get Your Penney’s Worth”. The goal is to reinforce that shopping at JC Penney is worth the customers time, money, and effort.

Part of the campaign includes “Penney Days”. It is a special promotion that enables customers to purchase items from JC Penney’s private brands for just one penny. You cannot possibly buy clothing for less than a penny!

The first “Penney Days” event started on February 28, 2016, and it lasted for an entire week. The special offer was available both in the stores and on the JC Penney website. That rules for that particular “Penny Days” required a customer to buy a regular priced Arizona brand apparel or accessory item in order to be able to purchase another one for just one penny.

It was almost a “buy one get one free” kind of deal. That’s not bad, but it wasn’t exactly what some consumers were expecting from the “Penney Days” event. Upcoming “Penney Days” sales will feature unique in-store items that can be purchased for just one penny – with no additional purchase required.

How can you find out when a “Penney Days” sale is taking place? JC Penney has been posting information about it on their social media accounts. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook and pay close attention! So far, JC Penney has been announcing what the special “Penney Days” item will be on the day that it is being offered.

The “Penney Days” sales could give you an easy way to save money on clothing. There are some “catches” to be aware of, though. Not every item that will be offered for a penny is clothing. It could be a product from another part of the JC Penney store. It is unclear what the shipping price will be on that one penny item if you buy it through the JC Penney website.

Another important thing to realize is that the one penny sales are designed to entice customers to come to the JC Penney stores. It is entirely possible that the special item that made you rush to the nearest JC Penney will be sold out before you get there. Get there quick, and you might end up with some brand new clothing (or other items) for just one penny each.

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