Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Love
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Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Love

Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, there will be a big emphasis on showing your love for someone else. There are some who will be expecting flowers and candy on February 14. The bigger the item, the more expensive it will be! Instead of breaking your budget, why not try some inexpensive ways to show your love? Here are some great ideas that you can do whenever you want to (not just on Valentine’s Day).

* Put a post-it on the bathroom mirror that says “I Love You!” Let your loved one find it in the morning.

* Play the song that you danced together to at your wedding and enjoy a memory-filled slow dance in your kitchen.

* Make a pancake breakfast for your family on a weekend. Few things can make a person feel loved in the way that a hot meal on a cold morning can.

* Cook your significant other’s, (or child’s), absolute favorite dinner on a day that he or she wouldn’t be expecting it.

* Give a hug to someone who needs it!

* Pack a little love note into a lunchbox before your loved one heads off to work or school. These unexpected little tokens of affection can mean so much on a tough day!

* Clean the bathroom, and do it well. Your efforts will be appreciated! Make the bathtub sparkling clean, and set out the bubble bath for your spouse to relax with. Do this on a weekend after your spouse has had an especially difficult work week.

* Let your child pick out his or her favorite movie, and watch it together.

* Find a copy of the story that you loved the most when you were a child, and read it to your kids. Let them know that the book is special to you, and that you want to share it with someone special – them!

* Your spouse probably has an favorite hobby that you have never tried, and have no interest in. Take the time to try it together. You might find a new interest that you can share.

* Bring your child to the library, and help him or her find dozens of books on dinosaurs, or insects, or whatever your child’s current favorite subject happens to be.

* Go online and find a video of the song that your significant other adores. Send him or her an email with a link to it. Include a short message that wishes your loved one a happy day.

* Let your spouse sleep in for a few extra hours on a weekend while you take care of the kids.

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