Inexpensive Storage for Christmas Decorations
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Inexpensive Storage for Christmas Decorations

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 at 7:00 am
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You can save money on storage boxes for Christmas decorations if you repurpose some recyclable product packaging and use it to safely store everything.Decorating the house for Christmas can be a fun family activity. It’s not nearly as fun to put it all away after Christmas is over. If you plan ahead, you can gather up some product packaging that can be re-purposed as inexpensive storage for Christmas decorations. Save up some egg cartons, gift boxes, and fruit containers now, before they end up in the recycling bin.

Creative Ways to Store Christmas Decorations

Egg Cartons
These sturdy little wonders of engineering are designed to hold fragile eggs and prevent them from breaking during shipping. Egg cartons can protect your Christmas ornaments just as well! Place one delicate ornament into each spot that an egg would normally be found in. Stack the filled egg cartons into a plastic storage box that has a lid.

Plastic Fruit Containers
Trader Joe’s sells fruit in 4-packs. The plastic containers of exactly four apples are great because they separate the fruit from each other so nothing gets bruised. They will also protect your Christmas ornaments. Large, round, glass ornaments are just the right size to fit inside a plastic 4-pack container. If you don’t shop at Trader Joe’s, see if your grocery store uses the same type of packaging on their produce.

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
Christmas has come and gone, and you ended up with leftover wrapping paper. How are you going to make sure that it doesn’t unroll and become ruined between now and next December? Use an empty toilet paper roll. Cut a slit into the roll from the top to the bottom. Slide it over the leftover wrapping paper. The toilet paper roll will spread open just enough to fit around the wrapping paper, yet remain snug enough to keep it from unrolling.

Used Gift Boxes
Did someone in your family get a shirt or sweater for Christmas? Chances are, it came in a box. Grab that gift box before it gets recycled. Curbly has a fabulous idea!

Use the flattened cardboard to store Christmas lights. Wrap the lights lengthwise across the box. Don’t overlap as you go! When you run out of lights, cut a slit into the box, and push the plug end of the lights into it. You have just prevented yourself from having the headache that comes from trying to untangle those lights next year.

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