Inexpensive Handmade Valentines
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Inexpensive Handmade Valentines

Posted on Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 7:00 am
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In a few short weeks, your child will be expected to come to school with a batch of valentines (one for each classmate). You could pick up a few boxes of pre-made valentines from the store. Or, you could set aside a few hours one weekend and help your child create handmade, inexpensive, valentines! Here are a few ideas that easy and fun to create.

Valentines are supposed to be little tokens of affection. The pre-made valentines that come in a box, and are decorated with popular cartoon characters, are acceptable for your child to bring to school. Something about the “cookie-cutter” quality of those valentines can feel a bit inauthentic, though.

Instead, why not let your child create unique, handmade, valentines for his or her classmates? The minimal art supplies required won’t cost as much as multiple boxes of store-bought valentines will (especially if you use supplies that already are in your home). Here are a few simple ideas to of inexpensive handmade valentines that your child can do.

Paint-Swirl Hearts
Spoonful has an easy valentine idea for little kids to make. Give the young one a large sheet of watercolor paper. Let your child finger paint the entire thing in one or two colors. After it dries, cut the sheet into heart shapes – one for each classmate. Make them large enough so your child can write classmate’s names on the back of the hearts.

Secret Message Valentines
When school started, one of the supplies that many parents were required to purchase for their child was a small “box” of watercolor paints. This lends itself to an idea I found at Better Homes and Gardens. Cut heart shapes from a large piece of watercolor paper (one for each classmate). Your child can take a white crayon and write a secret message on the valentine. His or her friends will need to paint the valentine to read the message. The wax from the white crayon will resist the watercolor paint. The message will appear!

Decorative Hearts
This idea came from the My Paper Crane blog. You will need some red construction paper. Cut out one heart shape for each of your child’s classmates. (Older kids can help with this part).

Pick up a Creatology Valentine’s Day Foam Party Platter from Michaels. It has 900 pre-cut Valentine’s Day foam shapes. Your child can use glue to decorate the red construction paper hearts. I would recommend that your child write the name’s of each classmate onto the back of the hearts before decorating them.

Lovely little valentines, handmade by your child, make adorable gifts for family members. These valentines are small enough to fit into an envelope and mail to your loved ones. What a nice way for your child to say “Happy Valentine’s Day”!

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