Huge Gift List? How to Save This Year
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Huge Gift List? How to Save This Year

Posted on Monday, December 6th, 2010 at 11:35 am
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It seems like the gift list just keeps growing every year. Beside the friends and family, there are also coworkers, teachers, service providers, neighbors and more. How can you stay on budget without leaving anyone out?

Group Your Gifts

Can you group your gifts to get a discount? For example, if you will attending a lot of parties, you may want to buy several hostess gifts at the same time. When you find something appropriate, buy several and ask for a discount. Beside hostess gifts, this could work with coworker gifts, teacher gifts and more.

Gift Card Deals

This time of year, gift cards just fit the bill. Yes, you can actually save on the cost of gift cards. There are plenty of gift cards for sale at a discount. If you can’t find and official promotion, buy your gift cards from others who don’t need them. You’ll get a discount off of the price of the card. Search online classifieds, such as Craigslist or use a gift card exchange service, such as

Drug Store Deals

There are so many great drug store deals going on right now with plenty of free or cheap products to get when you combine sales, coupons and rebates. You can pick up candy, toys, gift sets and more. Or, use other drug store deals to fill a gift basket with pampering products. Right now, for example, CVS is doing a great deal on Zhu Zhu pets (through Dec. 11th).

Go in Together

Chances are that if you are feeling the crunch of getting so many gifts for everyone, so are others. Get together and see if you can go in on gifts together. For example, $5 from each parent in your child’s classroom would be enough to get the teacher a really nice gift.

Another way to do this is to have a organized gift exchange with friends or family. Rather than every person buying something for every other person, each of you can pick one other person to gift.  You can do this buy picking names from a hat, or organizing a secret Santa. Set a monetary limit to keep everything fair.

Tone Things Down for Next Year

While it is probably too late to curb your gift list for this year, it is the ideal opportunity to tone things down for next year. You may find that some of the people on your list would be happy to do the same. Make a new proposal. Some ways to reduce the gift craziness next year are:

  1. Exchange only home made gifts
  2. Exchange experience gifts
  3. Buy presents only for the kids in the family
  4. Choose to spend time together during the holidays instead of exchanging gifts.

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