How to Stick With Your New Year's Resolution
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How to Stick With Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted on Monday, December 30th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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 Instead of the annual resolution making and breaking, why not actually stick to your resolution this year?! Here are our best tips on how to do so: Last year approximately 40% of Americans planned on making a resolution for 2013, but the real question is how many of them actually kept them. No matter whether you plan on getting in shape, organizing your life, or trying to save more money, we all have trouble sticking with resolutions. Instead the annual resolution making and breaking, why not actually stick to your resolution this year?! Here are our best tips on how to do so.

How to Keep Your Resolutions

1. Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Resolution

One key to maintaining your commitment to a resolution is to tell others about it. Having the support and encouragement of your loved ones is a great motivator to keep up your resolution efforts! Plus, if you share your goals with your closest circle, they’ll be less likely to tempt you to break your resolution. For example, you’ve made a goal to make healthier choices. If  your friends and family know this they’ll keep it in mind when making plans with you.

Furthermore, letting your favorite people in on your resolution means you’re more likely to own up to it. Your friends and family will keep you in check and check up on your progress.

2. Choose a Manageable Resolution and Remind Yourself of Your Commitment

Choosing a manageable resolution is key to your success. When selecting a goal it’s important to specific in regards to what you’d like to accomplish. Having explicit goals such as “go jogging 3 times a week” is better and more easily accomplished than “exercise more”. In addition to having a clear goal, it’s paramount that you remind yourself to accomplish these goals throughout the year. Create reminders of your resolution and place them in areas of your home or work that you frequent regularly. For example, having a post-it note that says “Have you jogged today?” is an easy way to remind yourself of your commitment.

 3. Track Your Progress and Reward Yourself

It’s true, you don’t lose 50 lbs overnight or slash your grocery budget in half in less than a week. When sticking to your resolution you’ll want to track your progress over time. Seeing your progress from the start of the year will not only deepen your commitment to change, but it will also remind you of how far you have to go. When you do see a change, say you’ve lost 10 lbs., don’t be afraid to reward your achievement. Positive reinforcement will ensure that you don’t tire of your efforts to achieve your resolution and it’ll keep you enthused.


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