How to Save When Grocery Shopping With Kids
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How to Save When Grocery Shopping With Kids

Posted on Thursday, December 8th, 2011 at 8:42 am
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Let’s face it, grocery shopping with kids almost always seems to cost more than grocery shopping alone. I’ve found there are a couple of reasons for this. One reason being that my kids always find ways to slip a few extras in the cart when I’m not looking, and the second reason being that I am often too preoccupied watching the kids to compare prices. I’ll often rush through my grocery shopping instead of taking the time to hunt down the best deals. Use the following tips to avoid overspending when you grocery shop with kids!

Motivate Good Behavior

One way I am able to save while grocery shopping with my kids is by motivating them to be patient and on their best behavior. They know that if they’re patient, we will stop by the bakery to pick out a treat when we are done shopping (you can also use this as a reminder if they start misbehaving). Other ways you can reward them for being patient while you shop could be a trip to the park on the way home, picking out a movie to watch, or a trip down the toy aisle to pick out a small (on sale) toy.

Include the Kids by Teaching Them How to Save

Including your kids in your shopping (and saving) experience at the grocery store is a great way to teach them how to make wise financial decisions in the future. If they see something they want, you can offer to let them buy it with their own money. If they don’t have money of their own, talk to them about ways they can earn money. The grocery store is also a great place to teach your kids about math, such as calculating unit prices, adding, and subtracting (coupon savings, of course!).

Plan Your Trips to the Grocery Store Strategically

Taking the kids grocery shopping when they are well fed and rested makes all the difference in the world. Not only does this make grocery shopping easier and more enjoyable for everyone, but it also reduces the amount of “extras” I findĀ sneakedĀ into the cart!

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