How to Save Time in the Kitchen
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How to Save Time in the Kitchen

Posted on Monday, February 19th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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Young woman looking in refrigerator, stock pileSome people love to cook. Others see the entire process of finding ingredients, chopping vegetables, and cooking food as a chore. One way to make meal time less stressful is to save time on meals by organizing your fridge.

The best way to begin is to notice when your refrigerator is getting empty. Before you go grocery shopping, take the time to sort through whatever is still in the fridge. Throw away anything that has gone bad or looks questionable.

Set aside the things that are still safe to consume. You might want to group similar things together. For example, put all the produce together. Put bottles of milk, soda, wine, and other liquids next to each other.

When the refrigerator is empty, it is time to clean it. Wipe down the shelves. Wash out the drawers (and dry them before you put them back in the refrigerator). Get all the little crumbs and debris out of the refrigerator.

Next, it is time to make a grocery list. Take a look at the food that is still good. What’s missing? Add those items to your list. Don’t forget to check the pantry for canned and dried goods. When you are done, put the grouped food back into the fridge near each other. This will make it easy to find what you need.

Go grocery shopping. Put the foods into the fridge in groups. For example, you can put all the produce on one shelf (or drawer). Or, you can put the ingredients that you need for tomorrow’s dinner on a shelf right next to each other. You can quickly find what you need, and won’t have to waste time hunting for ingredients.

Parents might want to put healthy snacks on a lower shelf in the fridge. Children that are looking for something to snack on can easily find the foods that are good for them to eat. If you have time, you can put individual portions into small containers or small, resealable, baggies.

If you have time, you can do the same process to organize your freezer. Stack all the frozen breakfast foods in one space. Put the meat that you intend to thaw for dinner next to the breakfast stuff. The proximity might remind you to set it out to thaw before you leave the house.

Does someone in your family have food allergies? Segregate the foods that are safe for him or her to eat on one shelf in the refrigerator. This reduces the possibility of having that person accidentally consume an allergen.

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