How to Save on School Uniforms
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How to Save on School Uniforms

Posted on Monday, August 11th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Does your child's school require students to wear school uniforms? Here are some ideas that will help you save money on them. There was a time when only private schools required students to wear a uniform. Today, there are several public schools that have instituted a dress code that requires what amounts to a school uniform. Each of your kids is going to require several “outfits” of their school uniform to get them through the week. Here are some ideas about how to save money on school uniforms.

What Still Fits?
Will your child be attending the same school that he or she did last year? If they haven’t changed the dress code, you might be in luck. There could be some uniform “pieces” that still fit your child this year. You can save some money by using them for the upcoming school year. There is a chance you might only need to purchase a few new items of clothing.

Another great way to save money on school uniforms is to take advantage of “hand-me-downs”. Older children who no longer attend the school can pass their old school uniforms to their younger siblings. Kids still attending the school can give the items they have outgrown to their little brother or sister.

Shop Department Stores
The back-to-school clothing sales are happening right now. Many department stores carry dockers, polo shirts, and other items that make up a typical school uniform. Do some “homework” and check prices at several stores before you head out the door. You might get an even better deal if you use your store credit card or loyalty card.

Try the Thrift Stores
One good thing about the types of school uniforms that many schools use is that they are made of components that are easy to find. You might be able to buy some dark blue or tan pants and skirts from the thrift store. Look for white shirts while you are there. It will be much less expensive than if you bought the same items new. Don’t forget to check out the children’s clothing stores that take donations and resell them.

Make it Last
One way to avoid having to replace clothing is to use some simple tricks that help it to last longer. Have your children take off their school uniforms and change into “play clothes” as soon as they get home. Let them get their “play clothes” dirty instead of their uniform.

Hang up the school uniform clothing that is clean enough to be worn again without washing it. Washing machines and dryers can actually wear out clothing – especially clothes that get washed frequently. Wash clothes only when they truly need it and you can extend the life of the clothing.

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