How to Save on School Supplies
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How to Save on School Supplies

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 at 6:12 am
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School office supplies.Summer vacation is coming to a close soon.  The new  school year is fast approaching!  Now is a great time to save on school supplies.  There are some things that you can add to your stock pile, others that you can reuse, and some that you can get on sale.  Here are some tips about how to save on school supplies for the next school year.

Visit the Dollar Stores.  This is a great place to find inexpensive pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, and folders.  They might not be the fanciest, but they will work.  Store several of these away for the next school year.  They will come in handy when your children lose their pencils, run out of paper, or destroy the folders that they started off the school year with.

Tell your kids to bring home all of their school supplies on the last day of school.  Many children will be so excited to start Summer vacation that they will throw everything away.  Some will recycle it.  Make them bring home the last few pieces of paper that are in their desks, and the folders that are in their lockers.  Even stubby pencils can be reused, especially if they still have a good eraser on the end.

Wait for the sales before you start shopping.  Last summer it seemed as though the sales on school supplies started almost immediately after school ended.  If you wait a few weeks into summer vacation, the very first school supply sales will start.  There will be more after that.  If you are comfortable waiting until early August to buy your school supplies, you are very likely to end up saving money on them.

Pay attention to coupons from office supply stores.  Places like Staples and Office Max carry the supplies that your children will need for school.  These stores often send out coupons that let you save a certain percentage off your order.  Use those coupons when you are shopping for school supplies.  Last summer, Staples had a Back to School Savings Pass.  You paid $10.00 for it, and it gave you 15% off all the school supplies that you purchased all Summer long.  There is potential that they might offer this same deal in the next few months.

Buy in bulk.  Food tends to cost less per item when you buy it in bulk.  The same is true for school supplies.  Check the website for your favorite Dollar Store.  You might be able to find a deal on pencils, erasers, pens, or other types of school supplies.  You can store them with your stock pile until the new school year starts.

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