How to Save Money on Stocking Stuffers
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How to Save Money on Stocking Stuffers

Posted on Thursday, December 16th, 2010 at 8:02 am
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You’ve been getting some great deals on gifts this holiday season and keeping that budget in check. But oh, no, you forgot about the stocking stuffers. While stocking stuffers are supposed to be small gifts, the cost of them could really add up, even if you get them at a dollar or discount store. if you want to save money on your stocking stuffers this year, then you should read this post.

Are stocking stuffers appreciated?

Are the stocking stuffers that you give as gifts really appreciated? In my household, the kids really do enjoy getting their stockings and going through them on Christmas morning. It also gives the adults a few more minutes to sleep. The kids know that they can open and enjoy the stockings but need to wait until after breakfast before they can open the rest of the gifts.

For the adults in the family, my husband and I, we are happy to go without stocking stuffers most years.

Make them enjoyable and useful

Our goal with stocking stuffers is to make sure that they will be both enjoyable and useful. Loading up on trinkets or plastic toys that will soon break or be tossed aside is a waste of money in our book. So we try to choose just a few sturdy things that might be really appreciated and then fill in the stockings with other items that are more practical and useful.

Festive food

Traditionally, fruit such as oranges were hard to find in the winter and therefore a real special treat. It was a lucky kid who found and orange in the toe of his or her Christmas stocking. We continue this tradition for Christmas. Not only does the orange take up quite a bit of the stocking, but it gets a little nutrition into the kids as well. Other food ideas include a special gingerbread cookie, a candy cane, a packet of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows or other low cost but festive food items.

The sample stockpile

For older kids or adults, you might be able to make use of your free sample stockpile. When you get free samples of health and beauty items, perfume, granola bars, craft kits and more, save them for the Christmas stockings.

Order yourself a kids meal

The next time you are picking up lunch or a snack at the fast food place, consider ordering yourself a kids meal. You’ll get the extra prize thrown in for a great price, and you can save the toy as a stocking stuffer. Just don’t do it when the kids are around or you will spoil the surprise.

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