How to Save Money on Easter Dinner
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How to Save Money on Easter Dinner

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Are you the family member who typically cooks and serves Easter dinner to your loved ones? This can often include not only the people who live in your household but also extended family. How are you going to afford to feed everyone? The trick is to plan ahead and stock up. Don’t wait to do your shopping for Easter until the day before the holiday.

Plan Ahead
One way to save money on Easter dinner is to plan ahead Figure out what you will be serving for dinner, and pay attention to sales on those foods. Use your store loyalty card for extra savings.

You can’t have Easter dinner without a butter lamb! The Polish Art center has a butter lamb mold for $19.95. It takes about 24 hours to ship. It is reusable. Instead of spending money on pre-made butter lambs, make your own!

Use Coupons
The biggest part of Easter dinner is the ham! Honeybaked ham has some coupons that you can use that will help with the costs of Easter dinner. The coupons are valid through May 19, 2013. The coupons are in-store specials (which will work out great if there happens to be a store near you). They are:

* Get $3.00 off a Boneless Ham

* Get $5.00 off a Bone-In Half Ham

Now is the time to pay close attention to the weekly ads from the grocery stores that you have loyalty cards with. There will be special deals on the foods you are looking for that will be offered only to the shoppers that have the store card. You will also see sales on things like ham, eggs, butter, and dinner rolls. Check the store’s bakery for large packages of dinner rolls, cookies, and Easter cakes that are on sale.

Place an Order
Sometimes, it costs less money to place a catering order than it will to make the same foods at home from scratch. It also saves time! Here are some places to consider for catering:

Baskin Robbins will let you customize an ice cream cake. You can order one that is in the shape of a bunny or a baby chick. (There are also more traditional options if you prefer).

Boston Market has some Easter dinner catering options. Some feed 4-6 people, which would work nicely for a small family. Those of you with large families might want to check out the Banquet options. One of them serves 12 people for $79.99 – which comes out to about $6.67 per person.

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