How to Save Money in College
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How to Save Money in College

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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College is expensive. Tuition, classes, and textbooks all cost a lot of money. Students have to figure out how to pay for food and housing and how to fit a part-time job around school. In the end, there will be a huge student loan to pay off. It’s a good idea to be frugal. Here are some ways for students to save money in college.

Rent Instead of Buy

Don’t purchase brand new appliances while living in a dorm or apartment. The less expensive option is to rent a microwave, mini-fridge, or air conditioner. Search the local area for appliance rental places that cater to college students. Don’t forget to compare prices!

It might be possible to rent the textbooks your classes require. Some good places to start are Amazon, Chegg, and Barnes & Noble. Find out if the local library carries the edition of the textbook you need. It may be possible to borrow it.

Test Out of Classes

Many colleges and universities allow students to “test out” of some college courses. The student takes a test on the content that course would teach. If the student passes the test, they are given credit for completing that course.

The student will have to pay for the test. It’s worth it because paying for the class and the required textbooks will be much more expensive than the test.

Use the Campus Amenities

Tuition covers more than a dorm room. It can also include access to the campus gym. Students might be able to attend concerts and speaking events for free on campus. Sporting events may be free for currently enrolled students.

Take advantage of this! Use the campus gym for free instead of paying for a membership at an off-campus gym. Attend the free concerts. Go to the game and cheer for your school’s sports team. These freebies can keep you entertained and help you save money.

Students who live in dorms may be eligible for a meal plan. It is often included in tuition. All the student has to do is arrive at the cafeteria and show proof that they are a student.

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