How to Save Money at Convenience Stores
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How to Save Money at Convenience Stores

Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at 2:16 am
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Convenience stores are a good place to save money. Shopping there for groceries, and other small items, can help you stick to your budget. But, that doesn’t mean everything in a convenience store is at the best possible price. Here are some ways to save money at convenience stores.

Some convenience stores sell groceries. You may be able to find staples like bread, canned soup, crackers, rice, beans, and frozen vegetables at the convenience store. Make sure to check the prices. Could you get the same type of item at your local grocery store for less money? It helps to check the grocery store’s sales paper before you shop.

Avoid the convenience store’s ATM. The best ATM to use is the one that is connected to your bank. In general, banks allow their customers to use their ATMs without being charged a fee. The ATM at the convenience store is highly unlikely to be connected to your bank. That means you will be charged a fee for using it.

Pay with cash. You can be certain that the convenience store will take cash. They typically don’t take coupons, and almost never offer a loyalty card. Buying things with cash forces you to stay within your budget. It also prevents you from running up a big credit card bill.

You can get more soda, for less money, if you buy it from the convenience store’s soda fountain. Bottled or canned sodas tend to cost more than a fountain soda, despite offering less ounces for the price. The disadvantage of buying a soda fountain drink is that it cannot be stored for later. Consider how much you can realistically drink before the fountain soda goes flat. Pick the appropriate size.

Avoid buying pain relievers at the convenience store. These stores tend to sell very small packages of medicine at a high price. You can get a better price, and more medication, at a pharmacy.

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