How to Save at Babies R Us
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How to Save at Babies R Us

Posted on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 at 4:18 pm
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When we were expecting our first child, we registered at Babies R Us for all of the cute and necessary things. After he was born and followed by siblings, we got to know the store quite well, shopping for everything from strollers to diapers. Because of this, I picked up a few ideas on how to save the most money on products at Babies R Us. Here are my tips.

First, pick up a copy of Baby Bargains. It lists all sorts of baby products, the retail cost of the items, the comparison of different models and the recall information for the manufacturers. Borders has this book for a great price and they are offering free shipping for orders over $25 (in case you have something else to buy). This book saved us a lot of money when we shopped at Babies R Us.

Next, get on the list in order to get coupons in the mail and online. Babies R Us offers some great coupons for the more expensive stuff, such as car seats, and also for the everyday stuff, such as diapers, formula and baby food. You can sign up here.

There are usually always coupons for 15-25% off car seats, strollers, high chairs, and pack and plays (play yards). Many times you can get a free item when you buy one, such as a stool when you buy a car seat or a potty seat when you buy a stroller.

Another place to sign up on the website is for the rewards program. You can earn various extra coupons and rewards, such as $5 for every $150 you spend at Babies R Us or even Toys R Us.

Babies R Us will allow you to stack their store coupons with manufacturer coupons, so this is a great way to get some stuff for free. I’ll post combination deals for stacking as I find them. But basically, you can look through the store coupons and then print out or clip a matching coupon for the same product.

Guess what? Babies R Us does price matching. Not a lot of people know this. Take your Walmart of other add in to the store and use it to get the lowest price. Then use your coupon on top of it!

Check out the toy prices, especially around the holidays. While the selection isn’t as large as some other stores, with coupons, I found the best prices on large toddler and preschool toys.

Finally, check out the coupon codes and coupon links for the sister store, Toys R Us. You can often find the same items that you need from Toys R Us, but with the added bonus of the extra discounts.

Happy Shopping!
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