How to Plan a Super Bowl Party
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How to Plan a Super Bowl Party

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2015 at 1:49 pm
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Will you be having a Super Bowl party this year? Here are some quick tips for planning it out.Planning a Super Bowl party is not incredibly different from planning out a birthday party. In both cases, you need to set aside time to figure out where to have it, what food will be served, and how the guests will be entertained. Think of it that way, and you might reduce some of the stress about planning a Super Bowl party. Here are some other ways to make things work out well.

How to Plan a Super Bowl Party

Send Invitations
Take the time to put together some physical Super Bowl party invitations. You are going to need to limit the number of guests to the space the party will be held at. How many people can comfortably fit into your living room? That’s a good number of guests to select.

Don’t make a Facebook event page to let people know about your Super Bowl party. Some of your Facebook friends may live across the country from you (or halfway around the world) and will be unable to attend due to the travel required. The event page could end up attracting more guests than you can manage. For best results, choose wisely and send out party invitations.

You don’t need to go overboard on the decorations for your Super Bowl party. Simple is best. The main attraction is the game itself, and few people will focus on the decorations.

There are two ways to decorate. One way is to decorate in the colors of both teams that will be competing. This is great if some of your guests will be cheering for one team while other guests are cheering for the opposing team. Or, if everyone you invited loves the same team, you could just decorate in that team’s colors.

Balloons can make any living room a little more festive. You can find paper plates and plastic cups in the color you need at a party store or dollar store. Use a green tablecloth (that vaguely resembles a football field) on the table that will hold the food you serve.

Food and Beverage
It is much easier to figure out how much food and drink to serve if you know how many guests will arrive. Will you be ordering food? For best results, contact the caterer, fast food restaurant, or pizza place days before the Super Bowl. Place your order at that time. This helps to ensure that the food you need will actually arrive.

Pick up some decorative cupcakes or a cake from the bakery at the grocery store for dessert. You can also make your own Super Bowl party food. Choose things that are hearty and easy to eat while sitting in front of the TV. Burgers, sausages, and wings are good choices. Serve soda of have your guests bring their own beverages.

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