How to Make Your Valentine Feel Special Without Spending a Dime
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How to Make Your Valentine Feel Special Without Spending a Dime

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 8:12 am
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Typically, Valentine’s Day is a holiday where people purchase things like roses, chocolates, or diamonds.  The idea seems to be that the more money you spend, the more you show someone that they are loved.  In reality, you can make your valentine feel special without spending a dime.  Just use your creativity!

Make your valentine breakfast in bed.  Scramble some eggs, and fry up some bacon.  You probably have these items in your refrigerator already, so it won’t cost you anything extra to do this.  Those of you who are good in the kitchen might want to make pancakes from scratch, or some freshly squeezed orange juice.

Display it nicely on a tray, and bring it to your valentine before he or she wakes up.  If your valentine is the person who usually makes breakfast for your family, this will make him or her feel extra special.

Does your valentine have a favorite movie?  Take some time to watch that movie with him or her.  There is a good chance that you, (or your valentine), have a DVD of it at home, right now.  If not, then you might be able to find it on Netflix.  If you already are paying for Netflix, it won’t cost you anything extra to view that movie together.

Make some popcorn.  Dim the lights.  Send the kids to visit grandma for the night.  Enjoy the movie and each other’s company.  If your valentine’s favorite film is a romantic one, then it will help set the mood for Valentine’s Day.

There are many couples who have completely different tastes in movies.  When you suggest watching a movie that your valentine loves, (and knows that you normally wouldn’t want to watch), that can make that person feel very special.

Now is a good time to use your creativity.  Do you play a musical instrument?  Write your valentine a song!  You can preform it live, just for that person, or record it and send it to them.  Write your valentine a poem.  A creative Valentine’s Day gift like this takes much more effort, and thought, than it does to rush into a grocery store and pick up a rose and a box of candy.  Who wouldn’t feel special when presented with such a unique expression of love?

The key to making your valentine feel special is to show them that you love them in a way that makes them feel loved.  Extra attention, and time spent together, will make your valentine feel much more special than a token gift of candy and flowers.  It is not about how much you spend.  It is about how much you care.


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