How to Make Money With a Garage Sale
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How to Make Money With a Garage Sale

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 10:12 am
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garage saleNow is a great time to have a garage sale!  The weather is starting to get really nice.  It’s not too cold outside, and it hasn’t gotten too hot yet.  This is garage sale season!  Here are some tips to help you to make money with a garage sale.

Tip One: Presentation is everything!

Make an effort to organize your garage sale so that it looks visually similar to a retail store.  Hang up the clothing on a rack, and organize it by size.  This will encourage people to look through it, and it will help them to quickly find the right sizes.

Put price tags on everything.  Some people are going to be too shy to walk up to you and ask about a price.  However, if they see a price tag, then they might be more willing to decide to buy the item.  Clearly marked prices make things a lot more comfortable.

Take the time to clean everything that you want to sell.  Wash the clothing that has been in your garage for a while and make it smell nice and clean.  Dust off the knick-knacks.  You can ask for a somewhat higher price for things that are clean than you could for things that look old and dirty.

Tip Two:  Get it out of the garage!

Put stuff on tables.  Place the tables along your driveway, or across your front lawn.  This makes it more visible to the people who drive by or walk past.  They might see something special, and decide to stop and buy it!  You won’t get the same result if all of your stuff is sitting on tables on the inside your garage.

Tip Three: Advertise!

You are going to need plenty of customers.  One way to get them is to start advertising.  Start doing this about a week ahead of time.  Place ads on Craigslist and in the classified section of your local newspaper.  Tell your Facebook friends.  Send out a tweet on Twitter, and encourage re-tweets.  Get the word out!

Tip Four: Give yourself time to prepare.

Put the price tags on your items the night before your garage sale.  Get friends or family members to help you to quickly set things up at least one hour before your garage sale is going to open.  Stop by your bank to get some change for your customers.  This will make things a lot easier.

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