How to Get the Most Out of Freebies
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How to Get the Most Out of Freebies

Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at 11:25 am
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Getting free stuff can reduce your grocery budget believe it or not. Not only can you get free samples in the mail, but you can get free coupons, too, some of which give you free full sized products.

If you haven’t signed up for freebies yet because you thought it was too much work, you didn’t know where to start, or you were afraid of getting too much spam, then let me help. Read the following information and tips that will help you to get the most out of signing up for free stuff.

Find the best freebies

Check the FreeCoupons blog or the FreeCoupons Facebook page to find the best freebies, or another website that specializes in posting real quality free offers. You don’t want to get caught in a spammy site that takes you through several forms only to tell you that you have to buy something in order to qualify for the free item.

In general, reputable websites can be those that store websites, such as Walmart or manufacturer websites, such as Kraft.

Set up a dedicated email

Use a free email service, such as Yahoo to set up an email account that you can use exclusively for signing up for offers. This way, your regular email account won’t be filled up with advertisement email or promotions.

You can always glance through the email advertisements you get for more promotions.

Be selective when you sign up

Wow, that free box of dog food looks great, but if you don’t have a dog or know someone who does then there is no point in signing up for the sample. It will just become clutter in your home. Your time is valuable, so just sign up for the things that you can use.

Use a form filler

Some browsers have an automatic form filler already installed that can be activated. If yours doesn’t you can always download a free form filler. What these programs do is to automatically fill in the standard information that is required for free offers, such as name and address. Having a form filler will reduce the time you spend signing up for freebies.

Keep at it

Steadily signing up for offers means that your mailbox will be continuously filled with free stuff. Most offers take a few weeks before they arrive, so don’t be discouraged. The coupons can always be used for future store match up deals, too.

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