How to Get Free Cookbooks and Recipes
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How to Get Free Cookbooks and Recipes

Posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2011 at 4:16 pm
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Last week I wrote about “Cooking from Scratch to Save.” Of course, to cook from scratch you’ll probably need a cookbook and some recipes to get started. To avoid spending money on pricey cookbooks, here are some ways you can get free cookbooks and recipes!

Free Cookbooks

Like coupons, you can get free cookbooks by signing up with websites online. offers free cookbooks when you sign up on their website. also offers a wonderful selection of free cookbooks online. With cookbooks for various ethnic cuisines, appetizers, soups, salads and even diabetic cooking so there is sure to be something for everyone on You can choose to save the cookbook to your computer, print the entire cookbook, or print just the recipes you like.

You can also get free cookbook downloads on your Amazon Kindle or other eReader. Find a list of free cookbooks for Amazon Kindle here.

If you still can’t find the cookbook that’s right for you, remember to check your local library. You can always borrow cookbooks for free with your library card!

Free Recipes Online

The web offers a plethora of free recipes. You can usually find what you are looking for through any Google search, or you can sign up with sites such as to regularly receive free recipes. I have also found great free recipes on the following websites:


Free Recipes on Your Smartphone

Nowadays there really is an app for everything. If you are one of the many smartphone users out there, you can get tons of free recipes in the palm of your hand, literally. Cooking has never been easier than it is now with apps such as Cook’s Illustrated, Epicurious Recipes and Shopping Lists,, Jamie’s Recipes, and Whole Foods Market Recipes – all completely free. These apps offer everything from recipes to shopping lists to estimated meal preparation times. Apple also features an entire section of iPhone “apps for cooks” online.

With all the resources available today, there is no need to spend money on cookbooks and recipes. So, cooking from scratch can save you even more money!



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