How to Find Sweepstakes
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How to Find Sweepstakes

Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 2:12 pm
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Now that you know the basics about entering sweepstakes from “Sweepstakes 101,” you probably want to know how to find sweepstakes. There are plenty of places to find sweepstakes when you know where to look.! is a great place to start when you’re looking for sweepstakes to enter. You can locate sweepstakes on the site by choosing “Hot Coupons” from the “Blog” drop down menu. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Giveaways, Contests & Sweeps.” Here you will find an array of contests and sweepstakes to enter! If you don’t see anything that piques your interest right away, be sure to check back regularly because we are always adding new contests and sweepstakes to this page.

Sweepstakes Directories

For even more sweepstakes, you can check sweepstakes directories (yes, these really do exist)! Sweepstakes directories are great in that you can easily search for sweepstakes based on prize type, value, date, etcetera. Or you can just browse all the current sweepstakes listings. Here are just a few directories offering up to date sweepstakes listings:

Sweepstakes Sponsors’ Websites

Sweepstakes sponsors are companies who offer sweepstakes on a regular basis.┬áBy frequently visiting sweepstakes sponsors’ websites, or signing up for their newsletters, you be among the first to know about their latest sweepstakes offerings. These sponsors include (but are certainly not limited to):

Search the Internet

You can also find tons of sweepstakes just by searching the internet. When searching, use keywords such as “sweepstakes,” “contests,” “prizes,” and “win.” Also include the current month and year to keep your search results relevant. Better yet, if you use Blingo as your search engine you can have the chance to wine prizes while searching for sweepstakes!

Keep your eyes and ears open for new sweepstakes all the time and you will be surprised by how many you stumble across! Good luck!

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