How to Find a Deal of the Day
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How to Find a Deal of the Day

Posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 3:18 am
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Use these tips to find your deal of the day

Use these tips to find your deal of the day

Do you ever hear someone brag about a great bargain that they got online and wonder how they ever found it? Often some of the best deals are the ones that last only a single day or sometimes only for a couple of hours. Normally, these are pretty hard to catch.

Often the best online deals are featured in a store’s “Deal of the Day,” or “Deal of the Week.” Sometimes links to the deals are obvious, but more often than not, these deals are pretty hidden, a sort of way of rewarding loyal customers who take the time to find them.

There are a couple of ways to find these deal. You can check in the forums. When someone finds a fantastic deal, they will usually post it, along with the details of where to find it and for how long. You can also check your favorite online stores daily to see if you can spot these deals yourself. Sometimes following a banner ad or a text link will bring you to the best daily bargain.

Here are some of my favorite websites that offer deals of the day or deals of the week, along with the links to where they can usually be found.

Amazon Goldbox

There is a deal of the day plus lightening deals that only last for a couple of hours.

6Ave Sick Deal of the Day

How about a Netbook for less than $100? That is sick. Check here for deep discounts on electronics.


You’ve seen me post about Woot before. The thrill of the chase is here with only one item featured per day, and when it is sold out then you are out of luck. I’ve seen everything from camcorders, to Roomba robotic vacuums, to bathing suits. They are usually pretty heavy on the electronics.

Baby Age – Shop the Deal of the Day.

There are some great baby closeouts here with savings usually in the 40-6- percent off range.

Best Deal Magazines Deal of the Day

I enjoy magazines, so I check this link often for my favorites. Hit or miss. There is usually one deal that is $3.99 or less, only with several deals that are $4.69 for full subscriptions.

Don’t miss Deal of the Day! Check in daily to see the lowest prices on different products every day! While supplies last. Look in special offers and featured offers for more deals.

Kmart Deal of the Day

New Kmart Deal of the Day – new offer daily! If the deal expires, it will take you to a search page.

Pfaltzgraff’s Deal of the Day

Up to 85% OFF! One day, one product, one great deal! Most deals verage about 70 percent off. Look for dinnerware sets, linens, etc. While you are on the site, also check out the clearance section.

Sears – Daily Deals

New Great Deal of the Day. This is a great place to grab holiday gifts months in advance, since they have everything from tools to clothing.

Barnes & Noble – Deal of the Day

You can actually get six new deals every day. There is usually a magazine deal, a book deal, a DVD deal, a music deal, a children’s book deal and a poster deal each day.

RugSale – Deal of the Day

Up to 90% off one Special Rug, although most deals seem to be about 60-70 percent off.

ShopPBS – Deal of the Day –

Additional 20% off a new item daily. There are usually other deals on the same page, such as free items with purchase.

Target – Shop Daily Deals at

What is nice about this one is that the daily deal always comes with free shipping. There were some pretty nice look sandals on there the other day.

What are some of the best online deals that you have found? I’d love to hear about them!

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