How to Avoid Spam When You Sign Up for Offer
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How to Avoid Spam When You Sign Up for Offer

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 10:34 am
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Avoid spam with these tips

Avoid spam with these tips

Signing up for free samples, free offers and coupons can be a wonderful way to save money, reduce your grocery bill, try new things for free and be a better steward of your money. But all of this signing up sometimes has a price to pay in the form of lots of extra email, or let us face it, spam!

But you don’t have to choose between getting great offers and spending your life deleting unwanted email. You can have the savings and also avoid the headache.

Here are my tips for avoiding spam when you sign up for offers.

Use a separate email address for offers

Before you start signing up for offers, promotions and coupons, establish a separate email address for this purpose. Most email providers allow up to five different screen names on one account, so take advantage of this. Or use a free email service, such as Yahoo or Gmail to establish an “offer only” email account.

When you sign up for a new offer, use this email address. You’ll still get all of the coupons and promotion alerts that you want, while avoiding clogging up your main email account.

Sign up for valid offers only

Be careful about which offers you choose. Sign up with established name brand companies and make sure you have a good source for all of your promotions. Here at, I screen the offers before I pass them along to you, so you can avoid the headache of a scam or too much spam.

Read the fine print before you register
At, I won’t sell your email address or other information to anyone else, and I won’t bombard you with spam, but that isn’t true with many other sign ups. Read the rules and the fine print on any offers before you register, so you know what to expect. Many times, you can opt out of getting email from third party companies when you sign up for your offer.

Create a separate email folder for offers

Use the features of your email service or software to create one or more separate folders for your coupons and offers. You can usually create rules that will put email with certain subject lines, keywords or from certain senders into different folders. Not only will this allow you to avoid having to read extra email that you didn’t request, it will also allow you to organize everything and make it easier not to miss important coupons or promotions.

Allow only the offers you want

Take advantage of your email spam settings to only allow the offers that you want. You can do this by excluding everything but the established senders or using the spam button judiciously whenever you do get an email that you consider spam. Be sure to regularly scan your spam folder, though, to make sure that you aren’t missing any important offers that got sent to it by mistake.

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