How Getting Healthy Can Save You Money
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How Getting Healthy Can Save You Money

Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 2:27 pm
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At the start of this year, many people made New Year’s Resolutions.  Often, those admirable goals include saving money, and getting healthy.  How are those resolutions working for you?  If you find that you aren’t making much progress, it is time to try something new.  There are some ways of getting healthy that can actually save you some money.

It is time to cut out the soda.  Yes, that can be a difficult thing for many people to achieve, especially at first.  However, the benefits of doing it are many.  Just one can of regular, non-diet, soda can contain anywhere from 124 to 189 calories, and around 39 grams of sugar.  If your soda habit includes two or more cans a day, then you can add up how many extra calories you are putting into your body.  This can lead to weight gain.

A healthier solution is to stop drinking soda.  Water has zero calories, and zero sugar, and is good for your body.  Brewed tea has only 4 calories, (and you don’t have to add any sugar).  What do the cases of soda that you buy when you go grocery shopping cost you?  I guarantee that brewing your own tea, at home, will cost much less.

Choose fresh foods, instead of processed ones.  Packaged, frozen, microwavable dinners tend to include more salt than is healthy.  They also contain tons of calories, and plenty of chemicals.  These types of meals may seem convenient, but, you end up paying for it.  They are not as good for your body as fresh foods will be.  The financial cost of all those TV dinners can quickly add up to more than you might think!

Instead, pick up some fresh vegetables from your local Farmers’ Market.  Or, lacking access to that, get them from your grocery store.  You can make a simple stir fry using fresh vegetables and a little olive oil.  You can get some fresh beef or chicken from the grocery store to add to the meal. This is much better for your body.  If you are careful, you can do this without spending any more than what you did on the frozen dinners.

Dinner and a movie with friends can be fun, but it can also be expensive.  This is especially true if dinner leads to a high calorie dessert.  The entire get-together involves being very sedentary!  Next time, try going for a walk with your friends.  Walking is good exercise, and you can do it for free at malls, parks, and beaches.  Substitute the dinner with a picnic that includes a meal made from fresh ingredients.  Skip the dessert!  Your body will thank you, and so will your bank account.

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Good Tip: Saving money is important – especially if you have a lot of expenses like bills to pay, loans to pay off, and all the other things that drain your bank account. Figuring out a way to save money can feel tedious to some, and like a punishment to others. U.S. News suggests that you try one of these money saving challenges. The “No Eating Out for a Month” Challenge This one is self-explanatory. The goal is to avoid eating out for an entire month. This might be super easy for people who enjoy making meals at home. People who really enjoy dining out, or ordering food to be sent to their home, may struggle with this one. It’s worth a try because spending money on take-out is more expensive than buying groceries. The Pantry Challenge This one is a variation of the “No Eating Out for a Month” challenge. The goal is to use up all of your groceries before you buy more. It forces you to try and remember why you bought a food or beverage that you don’t know what to do with, and gives you the opportunity to find a way to use it. The one exemption to this challenge is the foods that have expired. Don’t eat them! Throw them in the trash. The “No Spend” Challenge Make a goal to avoid spending money during an entire weekend. The only exemption in this challenge is that you are allowed to pay bills. This challenge is interesting because it requires creativity. You must be creative and find workarounds for problems that you would typically solve by spending money. You may have a different outlook on spending after finishing this challenge.