How does the Walmart Site to Store Program Work?
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How does the Walmart Site to Store Program Work?

Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 8:12 am
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Ordering online can be stressful and add unwanted shipping costs to your checkout total. Luckily, this is not the case with Walmart’s Site to Store program. With Walmart’s Site to Store program, you can shop online at and have your order shipped to any Walmart store within the continental U.S. completely free! What is the benefit of this? Well, with the Site to Store program you can gain access to thousands of items, many of which you won’t find in stores.

How Does the Site to Store Program Work?

Getting free shipping with the Walmart Site to Store program is really easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Look for the Site to Store logo on the product details page.
  2. During Checkout, select Site to Store as the delivery option.
  3. Select the Walmart store location where you will pick up your order. Note, you can also place orders for family and friends and have the order shipped to a store near them.
  4. Walmart will sen you an email when your order is ready for store pickup (so make sure you provide a valid email address that you check regularly).
  5. Head to your local Walmart store and pick up your order!

How long will your order take? Walmart states on their Site to Store information page that orders typically take 1-2 to process and usually arrive at the store within 5-8 business days after they are processed.

If you are placing an order for a friend or family member to pick up, you can add their name and contact information in the “Pickup Person” field during checkout. If the pickup persons name is not on the order, they will not be able to claim the items. You can change the pickup person after placing your order by following these steps (or emailing customer service):

  1. Go to “My Account.”
  2. Choose “Order History.”
  3. Find the appropriate order and choose “View Order Details.”
  4. Add or change “Pickup Person” on the Order Details page.


What Items are Eligible?

Walmart offers thousands of products that are eligible for the Site to Store program. These items include furniture (assembly not included), electronics, tires, baby gear, exercise equipment, and more. Many products offered online are not available in stores, but with the Site to Store program you can still get them free of shipping costs. However, there are several items that are not available with Site to Store. These items include perishable products, products that contain hazardous materials, any product weighing 350 pounds or more, and items sold by a Walmart Marketplace Retailer.

Picking Up Your Site to Store Order

When you go to pick up your Site to Store order, you will typically find your items at the Service/Site to Store pickup area, usually located towards the back of the store. If your order included a jewelry item, you can pick it up at the jewelry counter instead. You must pick your order up within Site to Store pickup hours (10:00am-10:00pm, 7 days a week in most stores). To pick up your order, you will need to show a valid photo ID and a copy of the notification email you received when your order was ready for pickup. If you are unable to print the email, be sure to write down your order number to provide the sales associate. You will also need to sign for your order when you pick it up, verifying that you received it. If you don’t pick your order up within 14 days of its arrival at the store, it will be returned to the distributor and you will be issues a full refund.

I personally hate paying for shipping costs, so I absolutely love that Walmart offers a reasonable alternative to paying for shipping!

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