Hoarding Toilet Paper Won’t Save You Money
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Hoarding Toilet Paper Won’t Save You Money

Posted on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 at 1:51 pm
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Shortly after people became aware of the dangers of COVID-19, they started hoarding toilet paper. They also hoarded cans of beans, huge bags of rice, milk, and eggs. Maybe you were one of the people who hoarded necessary items. Keep in mind that hoarding toilet paper isn’t going to save you money.

Why are people hoarding toilet paper and other items? It is because they are afraid. COVID-19 is a scary, contagious, virus. People who are afraid may do irrational things in an effort to comfort themselves. In this case, people bought pallets of toilet paper because doing so made them feel as though they had control over what happened.

Hoarding toilet paper, and food, will end up costing you more money than you save. Stores are no longer accepting returns on those items, in part because doing so could spread coronavirus. You may be stuck with more food than you can safely eat before it goes bad. That’s a waste of money!

Spending more than you should have a huge grocery haul could make it harder for you to pay bills. Overspending on groceries could mean you can’t pay your credit card bill. It could mean you don’t have extra money to spend on an emergency. Hoarding could result in not quite having enough money to pay your rent next month.

Some people see empty shelves at the grocery store and panic because they think it means there is a shortage. So, they overspend on things they really don’t need in that quantity. Doing so could actually cause a shortage where their wasn’t one before.

Shortages can lead to rationing. Grocery stores may impose a limit of one package of toilet paper per customer, or two cans of beans per household. The best way to prevent rationing is to only buy what you need for the next week.

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