Having Fun on a Budget
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Having Fun on a Budget

Posted on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at 9:22 pm
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Whoa does my family need to get out. You know that you have been indoors too long when a family trip to IKEA feels like a trip to an amusement park. With everything that has been going on at home and with the weather, our fun meter hasn’t been exactly pointing to full.

It took that IKEA trip to really put things a bit in perspective. Still, we don’t have the budget for extra expenses. So, we sat around the dinner table tonight and did some brainstorming on how we could get some more fun without the expense.

My suggestion was that we take a look around in our community. Although most community events happen in the summer, there are still free things to do. The local church is offering a fun night for kids with a moon bounce and snacks, and this includes free baby sitting! The local library is offering a family movie, the Lions’s Club has a low cost pancake breakfast, and a nearby ice rink has an event that offers two free hours of ice skating time when you rent skates.

My husband focused more on having fun at home. He wanted to rent some movies. This can be done for free two ways. The local library system allows you to check out movies for free. Our supermarket has a RedBox machine. There are plenty of RedBox coupon codes that give you free rentals!

The kids suggested having sleep overs with their friends. This is basically free, with maybe a tiny bit of money for snacks. The cost is so small, though, especially if we make homemade popcorn, homemade pizza and buy drinks in bulk.

For spur of the moment fun, we decided we could always bake a fun desert together or go dust off the board games.

What things do you do to have fun on a budget? I’d really like to add some more ideas to our list.

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