Have You Tried These Ways to Save on Groceries?
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Have You Tried These Ways to Save on Groceries?

Posted on Thursday, April 25th, 2019 at 7:00 am
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We all need to go grocery shopping eventually. You might already be using coupons, and store loyalty apps, to lower the cost of your grocery bill. What else can you do? Here are some ways to save on groceries that you haven’t tried yet.

Shop the Loss Leader

A loss leader is an item that is temporarily being offered at a discount. These deals are designed to entice customers to come into the store. Once inside, the grocery store hopes you will buy plenty of other – higher priced – items.

You can spot the loss leader by carefully scanning the store’s sales paper. Somewhere in there will be an item that is heavily discounted. It will be surrounded by discounts on other items (that are not nearly as good as the loss leader deal). Most people won’t take the time to figure this out!

Buy the loss leader. Don’t buy the items that might be on sale – but not by very much.

Check Your Receipt 

Don’t pay more on groceries than you have to! Make sure to check your receipt for price mistakes. Look to see if the coupons you used gave you the right discount. Pay attention to quantity of items. If you only bought one can of beans, and the receipt charged you for two – that’s a problem!

If you find that you were overcharged, take the receipt to the customer service desk. The store will refund you for the amount you were incorrectly charged for.

Check Your Bags

Sometimes, the items you purchased don’t end up in your bags. Before you leave the store, compare your receipt to the things that are in your bags. If something is missing, go back to where you checked out and ask for it. Bring your receipt with you for proof.

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