Guest Post: Bathroom on a Budget
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Guest Post: Bathroom on a Budget

Posted on Saturday, February 26th, 2011 at 10:16 am
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Want a bathroom remodel, but are concerned about the price? There are many ways to transform a bathroom, or a shower system, and it is easy to spend thousands of dollars while doing a complete overhaul. Luckily, there are also a number of smaller changes you can make while sticking to a budget. You can easily upgrade your bathroom into a place of tranquility by merely replacing your existing shower system.

Money, Money, Money

The first question to deal with is: How much money do you have available for this project? The National Association of the Remodeling Industry has a number of tips to help you develop a budget:

  • Keep the cost of the project in perspective to the value increase of your house.
  • Know how much money you want to spend.  If you plan on long-term residence, you will likely want to spend more then if there is a move in your future.
  • Keep 10-20% of your budget set aside to cover any unexpected changes or problems that may occur.

Prevent “change orders.”  These can be caused by changing your mind about the purchased products, unanticipated damages, or code violations. Make sure you choose your products carefully, and look into our other articles for ideas, as well as looking up your region’s building code to ensure you meet the standards required in your area.

There are also a few options to help you save and obtain more money for your project. If you are short of needed money, you can use BillMeLater, which is a 90-day interest-free loan. As long as you pay the balance in full within 90 days, there is no interest charged to you. If you need a more sizable loan, investigate a home equity loan or a federal housing administration loan. These loans are usually offered through banks and other lending institutions. If you want to cut down on the total expense of your remodeling, there are a few ways to save money. Do-it-yourself projects are cheaper than hiring a contractor, although be cautious – sometimes mistakes are made in DIY projects that cost more to solve than they originally saved. Try to use what you have – don’t move existing pipes or drill new holes. Also be sure you know what you want before you place an order so you don’t have to deal with the cost of changing an order.

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Before You Buy…

To be sure you order exactly what you want, go through the following list and make sure you have an answer for each of the questions. This will help to narrow down the list of options you have to sift through, and you will know what is important to consider before you begin shopping.

  • What features do you want tub and shower, shower heads, hand showers, body sprays, handles, etc.)?·
  • What theme do you want (classic, modern, retro, Victorian, etc.)?
  • What materials do you want to use?
  • What brand do you want? It is key to know that if you are keeping your existing valves and plumbing you should stay with the same manufacturer for your handles, trim and most accessories.
  • What finish do you want (brass, bronze, chrome, black, white, etc.)?·
  • How much space do you want to fill?

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Budget Options

There are many options available within any budget, from under $500 to $2,000 or more. Here are some suggestions on getting the most from your money.

$500 and under: 2 function shower systems are common within this range. Chrome is the cheapest finish available. Try something like a Moen shower system, with included handles, pressure balance, showerhead, and valves.

$500-$1,000: In this range you can afford a 3-function shower system. Hansgrohe offers a single handle shower system with included handles, handshower, bodysprays, pressure balance, and showerhead.

For this budget, you can consider 3-function shower systems with custom finishes such as oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. Kohler provides a great option for this that is available in brushed nickel and includes a handshower, a showerhead, a pressure balance, and body sprays.

$1,500-$2,000: Once you are in this range you can afford a shower system with custom designs and finishes. More exotic finishes such as wrought iron are available. Moen’s Showhouse collection offers a shower system in custom finishes with included handshower, bodysprays, handles, and rain showerhead.

Don’t let a budget stop you from renovating your bathroom – with a plan and careful choices, you can get the shower experience you’ve dreamed of for a price you can afford!

This is a guest post from the editorial staff at To see all of the currently available coupons and coupon codes, click here.

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