Grocery Stores Pull Perishable Food During Heat Wave
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Grocery Stores Pull Perishable Food During Heat Wave

Posted on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 at 7:00 am
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Summer temperatures are causing some grocery stores to shut down their perishable food aisles. According to Insider, a heat wave is making it hard for the grocery store’s air conditioning and refrigerators to maintain proper temperatures. In some stores, perishable food has been removed from shelves.

What can you do if this is happening in the grocery stores where you live? There are some options you can try to get your family through the heat wave.

Stay hydrated. If the water that comes out of the tap in your home is drinkable, you should be able to use it to avoid becoming dehydrated. Put some water in your freezer and make ice for your drinks.

Use up the meat and dairy that you already have at home. Carefully thaw frozen burger patties. Put cheese slices on them after those are cooked. Make a salad from the veggies that are in your refrigerator. It is possible that simple meals like this will get your family through the heat wave. Stores should go back to normal when the temperature drops.

Need produce but can’t find anything fresh? Buy canned vegetables instead. The nutrition in canned vegetables may or may not be the same as the fresh ones. But, it should be close enough. Unopened canned vegetables won’t go bad during a heat wave.

Has your grocery store run out of electrolyte drinks (such as Gatorade)? It is possible that a nearby pharmacy, that sells some groceries, might have it. Pharmacies that sell food will have fewer refrigerators than a grocery store would need. As such, the pharmacies might be unaffected by a heat wave.

If all else fails, you can try to stay cool by turning on your air conditioner and staying inside. Those who live in states that have reopened may find some comfort in going to a movie theater. They should have cold drinks and snacks.

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