Graduation Gift Giving Tips
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Graduation Gift Giving Tips

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 10:12 am
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Many high schools have graduation ceremonies in June.  Usually, the parents of the newly graduated young adult will throw a party in celebration of their child’s right of passage.  This could mean that you will receive dozens of graduation announcements.  Do you know the proper etiquette for graduation gift giving?

According to Emily Post, if you have been invited to a graduation ceremony you should send or bring a gift.  The same is true if you will be attending a graduation party.  This gift should be given on the day of graduation or as close to that day as possible.  It is acceptable to drop off the gift in person or to mail it.

Emily Post also points out that there is a difference between receiving an invitation to a graduation ceremony or party and receiving a graduation announcement.  An announcement may look like an invitation to the party or ceremony, but, they are not the same thing.  If you get a graduation announcement you are not obligated to give the new graduate a gift (but it is acceptable to send one if you really want to).  It is nice to send them card that says “Congratulations”.

What is an appropriate gift to send to a new graduate?  According to WomansDay,  Americans spend about $45 per graduate each year.  This information came from a 2009 National Retail Federation survey.  This gives you a pretty good starting point.

A really good idea is to give the new graduate a gift card.  It will fit nicely into the “Congratulations” card that you bought.  You can find a wide variety of gift cards at grocery stores and pharmacies.  If you happen to know that the graduate loves a particular brand, then you can go to that store to get a gift card.

Have you tried Plastic Jungle? This website gives you an easy, and legal, way to get a great deal on a gift card.  Let’s say that you were given a gift card for a store that doesn’t really fit your personal taste.  You aren’t going to use it.

Take it to Plastic Jungle, and exchange it for a gift card to a store that you love to shop at.  This exchange allows Plastic Jungle to sell gift cards at a discount.  The graduate you send the gift card to will get the full amount that is on the card that you purchased – and never know that you paid less than that for it!

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