Gift Ideas for the "Hard to Shop For"
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Gift Ideas for the “Hard to Shop For”

Posted on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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What on earth are you going to buy for the loved one who is "hard to shop for"?  Here are a few ideas to try.There are only a few more days before Christmas. Have you finished all your shopping? Or, are you struggling to figure out what to get for a loved one who is “hard to shop for”? This is a problem that many people encounter. Since you are running out of time, here are a few ideas on what to buy for the person who is difficult to shop for.

Gift Ideas for a Hard-to-Shop-for-Person

Get a Gift Receipt
Make sure to get a gift receipt for whatever you buy for the person in your life that is hard to shop for. Put the gift receipt into a Christmas card that goes along with the gift. That way, if the person already has one, or doesn’t like the gift, he or she will have an easier time returning it.

Homemade Christmas Cookies
Holiday treats make a great gift for loved ones that don’t like to bake. For best results, make sure you are aware of your loved one’s food allergies and dietary restrictions. Bake a batch of Christmas cookies just for him or her. Those that have to limit the foods they consume, in order to avoid getting sick, will be pleased with a batch of “safe” Christmas cookies!

Gift Cards
You can’t really go wrong with a gift card! Pick a store that you know the person likes to shop at. Chances are they will be able to find something they like in a store that they regularly choose to shop at. A gift card makes it easy to shop for the person who has “everything”.

Everyone needs a new pair of slippers, eventually. This might not be the most exciting gift imaginable. However, it is functional. It serves a specific purpose and is something your loved one can wear. Giving a gift that helps a person stay warm during the winter is a great way to show that you care. For best results, select a pair of slippers that look nice and is appropriate for adults. Avoid the slippers that are made to look like animals. Some adults won’t wear those!

The one great things about giving a calendar as a gift is that everyone will need a new one at the start of the year. Many people use the calendar on their smartphone or computer to keep track of appointments. Even so, it is nice to have a paper calendar that can hang on the wall at home or in a cubicle at work. Start by picking out a calendar that matches one of the person’s interests. Do you know what kind of calendar they are using this year? See if you can find one like that for the new year.

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