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Gift Closet Deals

Posted on Monday, April 5th, 2010 at 6:39 pm
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Do you have a gift closet in your home? If you don’t, you should consider starting one. A gift closet can save you money.

What is a gift closet?

A gift closet doesn’t have to actually be a closet. it could be a box under the bed, a place in the attic or even a little bit of cleverly hidden storage in an ottoman, a desk or even behind a couch, depending on your available space.

A gift closet is a place where you can store various gift deals that you find throughout the year. Then, whenever a gift need comes up, such as a birthday, anniversary or other holiday, you can go “shopping” in your gift closet.

How does a gift closet save money?

A gift closet saves money because it allows you to pay next to nothing for the gifts you need to purchase. Instead of overspending at the last minute for a gift, you can keep everything within a budget. For example, I know my son’s friends all like Bakugan toys. So when Sears was doing a toy clearance event last month, I was able to stock up on these toys. Instead of paying $10-$25 per toy, I only spent $3-$7 per toy! You can’t beat that.

Where can you find gift closet deals?

To find the best gift closet deals, just keep your eyes open. When you are out shopping anywhere, be sure to check in at the clearance sections, because you never know what you might find. Check my Twitter, too, because I’ll often post deals I find when I am out and about, such as the V-Smile cartridges that were in clearance at all of the Radio Shack stores.

Stock up on gifts when you find a really good coupon code or deal online, too. Combining orders will often save your on shipping.

Hot online deals

All of the birthday party requests have been coming in for my kids, and my gift closet is a bit depleted from the Christmas holidays. So I did a little searching this morning.

These are the online brands that usually have some good stock up deals for the gift closet. You can click on the brands below to see a list of coupon codes and discount links for each of them.

GameStop: They often have specific deals of the day. Some of my favorite ones are $10 off plus free shipping, and the buy one get one free deals on new and used video games.

ToysRUs: For hot toys, this is where I go first. When there is a popular toy, they will often offer discounts on it. Also check out the clearance deals.

Lego: I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t like Legos. Legos are a great gift for boys or girls, so I stock up here when they offer a really good deal.

Amazon: Their deal of the day sometimes hits on something that is great for the gift closet, such as DVDs. For younger kids, I look for coupons and deals on Melissa and Doug products because they seem to hold up well and are a good value.

Also, make sure to browse as many brands as you can for coupons. You never know what you might find, and the best codes often run out quickly.

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