Get the Most From Your Thrift Store
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Get the Most From Your Thrift Store

Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 11:12 am
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Get the Most From Your Thrift Store - Here are some tips about how to get the most from your thrift store.I love shopping at thrift stores!  You can get a lot of clothing at a thrift store for a small amount of money.  These stores have a steady supply of “new” items coming in all the time, and you never know what you might find.  Here are some tips about how to get the most from your thrift store.

Look for tags.  Of course, the thrift store will have added its own price tags onto each item of clothing.  It is always wise to check the price before you purchase something.  These aren’t the tags I mean.

Look for the clothing that has the original tag from the department or trendy store still attached to it.  This indicates that someone bought that shirt, or dress, or pair of jeans, and then never wore them.  I recently picked up a brand new long sleeved shirt from a thrift store for about $2.00.  The original tag said it sold for around $20.00!

Find out when the sale days are.  Most thrift stores will have specific days when certain kinds of items are on sale.  For example, maybe the store has all sweaters on sale on Sundays, and dresses on sale on Wednesdays.   Wait until the right day, and you could get some inexpensive clothing for an even smaller price than usual!

Bring your ID.  The thrift stores I visit will give a discount to people who are teachers, students, or in the military.  Bring the proper ID with you, because you will need to be able to prove that you qualify for the discount.  This will save you money on your entire purchase.

Shop with your children.  The best way to find out if a shirt, dress, or pair of jeans fits your son or daughter is to have him or her try it on before you buy it.  I have found that you cannot really trust that the size a piece of clothing says it is matches what you would expect.  Remember, these are clothes that someone else wore, washed, and potentially shrunk.  Have your kid try things on, and you will avoid spending money on clothes that he or she doesn’t fit into.

What can I wear this with?  I ask myself this question before I buy clothes at the thrift store.  If I can think of at least two outfits that I can work that piece into, and it fits, then I will buy it.  If I find myself completely stumped about what to wear it with, or where to wear it at, then I put it back.


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