3 Healthy Choices That Will Save You Money
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3 Healthy Choices That Will Save You Money

Posted on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 at 10:59 am
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Here are a few easy ways to get healthy and save money while doing it.Take a minute, and think back to the start of this year.  If you are like me, then you made one or two New Year’s Resolutions. The most common ones are to get healthy and to save money.  Months later, it is time to reassess how well you are doing with those goals.  Need some help?  Here are a few easy ways to get healthy and save money while doing it.

Kick the soda habit.  I know this sounds difficult, but trust me, this works!  When you drink a “full strength” soda, (in other words, one that is not a diet soda), you put a lot of calories and sugar into your body.  This can make you gain weight.  It can also get expensive to keep buying several fridge packs of soda every week.

Instead, drink something better for your body.  Get a reusable water bottle, in a design that catches your eye.  Drink water at lunch time, or on your break, instead of soda.  Water doesn’t cost nearly as much as soda does.  When you dine out, water is free, (but other drinks will cost money).  Every once in a while, it is fine to enjoy a soda.  Just cut down on how many, and how often.

Plan meals that include fresh vegetables.  Buy exactly what you need for that meal.  Make that meal the night that you went grocery shopping, or the next night, for dinner.  People buy fresh produce with the best intentions.  However, if you don’t use those veggies right away, they will go bad.  This wastes money!  What happens when the meal you planned for dinner can’t happen?  This is when people end up grabbing some fast food.

If you use those veggies right away, you get two immediate benefits.  One is that you save money by using the food that you have purchased, instead of having to buy more.  The other is that you get healthy because you are eating your veggies instead of eating fast food.

Get in the habit of going for a walk.  I find this works best when the weather is nice and when you are planning on just popping in to the nearest convenience store to pick up a couple of things.  If you don’t drive there, then you save money on gas.  Walking brings you all sorts of health benefits.  These little tips are easy to do, and anyone can get started on them right away.

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