Fun and Frugal Spring Activities
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5 Fun & Frugal Spring Activities for the Kids

Posted on Monday, March 24th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Spring weather invites people to go outside and play.  Here are some frugal and fun spring activities to do.Spring weather gives you the opportunity to go outside. After a long winter, that alone can seem like a dream come true! While you are enjoying the weather, why not take the time to do some fun spring activities? Here are a few to get started with. Which of these frugal activities will amuse your bored children?

Fun Spring Activities for Kids

Plant a Garden
Start a family garden in your backyard. Discuss what vegetables you want to plant. The garden will require maintenance (such as weeding and watering) long after the first seeds are planted. Split up the chores, and turn your garden into a fun family activity.

Get some Exercise
Need to burn off some energy? Take a ride down the nearest bike path. Another option is to go for a jog or walk. Pick a day when the weather is pleasantly warm. You don’t necessarily have to travel the entire length of the bike path. Stop and turn back whenever you like. Spring is a great time to re-start the exercise program that was part of your New Year’s Resolution.

Dine Outside
Buy a drink at your favorite coffee shop and sit outside on the patio. Choose a restaurant that has outdoor seating. It’s a great way to lift your mood and enjoy the nice weather. Families that have patio furniture can dine at their own outdoor table. That should lead to some refreshing dinner conversations.

Blow Bubbles
Pick up a bottle of bubbles from a dollar store. (You can also make bubble solution with some water and dish soap). Sit in the grass in your backyard or at a local park. Blow bubbles and let your children chase them. Little kids will find this activity endlessly amusing! For older kids, you might want to spend a little more money and invest in some of those giant, shaped, bubble wands. See who can make the biggest bubble.

Create Art
Spring is a great time for a sidewalk chalk mural. A few packages of sidewalk chalk don’t cost very much money and should last through several drawings. Your children may find it relaxing to sit down on the warm concrete and draw a picture. Chalk drawings provide a way for children (and parents) to use their imaginations.

Visit a Farmers’ Market
In many parts of the United States, the only time you can visit a Farmers’ Market is in the spring and summer. Kids who have no interest in grocery shopping might find it interesting to pick out individual, colorful, local vegetables at the Farmers’ Market. Often, there will be live music, children’s entertainment, and sweet treats to enjoy, too.

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