Frugal Ways to Lose Weight
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Frugal Ways to Lose Weight

Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Small frugal changes to your diet and exercise can result in weight loss.  You don't have to spend a fortune to lose weight..Every year, many people decide to make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Typically, this isn’t an easy task to accomplish. It is going to take perseverance and it will require you to make changes in what you eat and how often you exercise. Fortunately, you can achieve your goal without spending a fortune. Here are some frugal ways to lose some weight.

Drink More Water
Water is extremely good for you! Drinking lots of water is a great way to stay healthy. Get a reusable water bottle, and bring it with you to work. Use it instead of grabbing a soda with your lunch. That soda probably has a lot of sugar and calories. Water doesn’t have any sugar or calories. Soda costs money, but water is often supplied for free in workplaces.

Take the Stairs
This is one of those weight loss tips that adds up over time. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. This is an easy way to get a little bit more exercise into your day, and it doesn’t cost any money to do it.

Use a Free Gym Membership
The month of January is a great time to try out a new gym, or to get into the habit of going to a gym. I think there is a connection with the amount of people who decided to start losing weight in January and the decision for gyms to offer free trial memberships.

24 Hour Fitness will give a free 3-Day Pass to people who sign up for it using Facebook. You get free group exercise classes, you can work out an any of their club locations, and you don’t need an appointment to do it.

Curves is offering an “Exercise + Meal Plan + Coaching” deal for $12.95 a week. To get it, you call the phone number on their website. This deal requires a six month commitment.

Get a Weight Loss Buddy
A really good way to make sure you stick to your diet and exercise plan is to get a buddy to do it with you. The two of you can encourage each other when you really want to quit the diet or skip a trip to the gym. It’s nice to have someone to exercise with, even if all you are doing is heading to the mall for an early morning walk before the stores open.

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