Frugal Ways to Freshen Up a Couch
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Frugal Ways to Freshen Up a Couch

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 7:00 am
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One of your family members bought a new couch and kindly offered you the one that she was replacing. You happily accepted it because you were planning on replacing your couch soon, the couch you were offered is in good shape, and, best of all, it was free! A few days later, you notice that the couch still smells like the basement that it used to sit in. Now what? Here are some frugal ways to freshen up a couch.

Open the Windows
It is amazing what a little bit of exposure to fresh air can do! Open a few windows in the room that the couch is located in and let the breeze blow in. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of air circulation to remove an odor from a couch. Before you open the windows, make sure that you turned off your heat. The change in temperature that results from opening the windows could trigger your furnace to start pumping out hot air, (which will go right out the window).

Febreze is Your Friend
You opened the windows, but it didn’t remove all of the odor from the couch. Or, maybe the weather is so cold right now that turning off the heat and opening the windows would be unbearable. The next step is to use some Febreze. Pick a scent that pleases you. Spray the air above the couch, instead of the couch itself. Some fabrics are not going to tolerate having Febreze sprayed directly onto them at close range. You might want to repeat this step more than once.

Baking Soda is Beneficial
If all else fails, try some baking soda. You probably have a box of it somewhere in your kitchen. Take that box of baking soda and generously sprinkle it onto your couch. You will need to rub it into the back of the couch in order to make the baking soda stay put. Keep going until your couch looks like a powdered doughnut.

That’s the easy part. The hard part is that you need to leave the baking soda sitting on the couch for at least 24 hours. Keep pets away from the room by closing the door or using a baby gate to block access. Now is a good time to arrange for your kids to spend the night at grandmother’s house. When the time limit ends, remove the baking soda by vacuuming it off the couch.

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