Frugal Trick-or-Treat Bags from Repurposed Items
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Frugal Trick-or-Treat Bags from Repurposed Items

Posted on Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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halloween-candy-in-bowl-590Halloween can be an expensive holiday to celebrate. You can cut down on the cost if you can make your own decorations, costumes, and trick or treat bags. Here are some ideas, from simple to skilled, that can save you some money on a repurposed trick or treat container.

Use the pumpkin from last year
The easiest way to prevent having to purchase a brand new plastic pumpkin (or witch’s caldron) this Halloween is to locate the one your child used last year. These sturdy, plastic, buckets are durable enough to last for more than one round of trick-or-treating. Now is a good time to go through your Halloween decorations and boxes of old costumes. Odds are, the decorative plastic trick-or-treat bucket is in there, somewhere.

Repurposed pillowcases
Pillowcases can hold a whole lot of Halloween candy! Point that out to your child, and he or she might not balk at using a pillowcase instead of a pumpkin. Use one of the older, yet sturdy, pillowcases that are sitting in your linen closet.

If you want to get a little bit fancier, you can try the No sew ghost Halloween treat bag. Hallmark has step-by-step directions that will walk you through how to do it. Again, you can make this even if you don’t know how to sew.

For the fanciest repurposed pillowcase trick-or-treat bag of all, follow the directions from Martha Stewart. Doing so will turn a basic, white, pillowcase into a ghost trick-or-treat bag. These directions will show you how to add a drawstring to it (to keep all those treats from falling out).

Repurposed ice cream buckets has an easy to follow guide that will show you how to turn an empty ice cream bucket into a decorative trick-or-treat bucket. It does require that you have a little bit of crafting skills, and know how to use a glue gun. One advantage to using a repurposed (and decorated) ice cream bucket is that it can be designed to go with your child’s Halloween costume.

Repurposed paint cans
Ok, this is for the “advanced class” of crafters. Hallmark has step-by-step directions that will show you how to take an old, empty, gallon can of paint and turn it into a trick-or-treat bucket that resembles Frankenstein’s monster.

The main advantage of this design is that it is adorable! The potential disadvantages are that it is a bit more time consuming than the other repurposed options, and that it requires you to have an outside area where you can safely spray paint the repurposed paint can.

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