Frugal Tips for School Valentine's Day Parties
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Frugal Tips for School Valentine’s Day Parties

Posted on Monday, February 3rd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Struggling to fit the school Valentine's Day party into your budget? Try some of these frugal tips for valentines, treats, and more!Will your child be attending a classroom Valentine’s Day party? Not every school will have them. Those that do typically will request that parents spend some money on Valentine’s Day cards and treats. Those “extras” can be difficult to fit into your budget. Here are some frugal tips to make school Valentine’s Day parties financially easier to cope with.

How to Make Valentine’s Day School Parties Affordable

Frugal tips for Valentines
* Make use of the many printable valentines that are available online. They are free to download. The only cost is some printer ink and paper.

* Repurpose last year’s valentines. Glue them onto a piece of construction paper. This will completely cover up the name of your child, and the name of the classmate who gave him or her the valentine. It also provides a place to add the name of a current classmate.

* Buy valentines from the Dollar Store. A box of valentines from a dollar store will cost less than a box that came from the grocery store.

Frugal Tips for Treats
* Skip the holiday themed treats. They tend to cost more than the “regular” treats. In other words, buy the box of chocolate chip cookies from the bakery at the grocery store, and leave the heart shaped cookies on the shelf.

* Bake your own cookies. Before you do this, it is a good idea to ask your child’s teacher if you can contribute homemade treats to the school Valentine’s Day party. Some schools will only accept the store bought treats.

* Split up a box of treats. Open up a package of snack cakes, cereal treats, or gummy fruits. Inside are several, individually wrapped, portions. It may cost less to buy a couple of boxes of individually wrapped treats than to buy cupcakes from the bakery.

* Make some popcorn. The night before the Valentine’s Day party, pop a couple of bags of microwave popcorn. Split the popcorn into small portions that fit inside a small, resealable, plastic snack bag. This is going to cost less than the sugar laden treats that will be offered.

Consider Opting Out
The school Valentine’s Day party is not a requirement. You can choose to have your child opt-out of the party without sacrificing their grades. Some parents have their child opt-out of all school parties, for religious reasons. It is also acceptable to have your child opt-out because he or she is overly anxious or uncomfortable about attending a Valentine’s Day party.

Pick up your child shortly before the party will start. Spend the afternoon together as a family. Go get some ice cream. Watch a fun movie at home. Opting-out will help fit Valentine’s Day into your budget. It also gives you an opportunity for family fun.

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