Frugal Thanksgiving Decorations Kids Can Make
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Frugal Thanksgiving Decorations Kids Can Make

Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Kids that enjoy arts and crafts can make some really cute (and frugal) Thanksgiving decorations. Here are a few to start with.Do your kids enjoy doing arts and crafts projects? There are plenty of Thanksgiving decorations that kids can make. Each uses materials that you probably have at home. Before you purchase brand new Thanksgiving decorations, see what your creative and talented kids can come up with!

Thanksgiving Decorations for Kids

Mayflower place cards
These cute little place cards are small enough to fit on the table along with all the food for Thanksgiving dinner. They are easy enough for little kids to make. Start with a small paper cup (to use as a boat). Fill it slightly more than half-full with M&Ms.

Cut out a small rectangle from white paper. Write the name of one of the people who will be attending dinner. Poke two holes in the rectangle, and thread a pretzel stick through it. Place it in the cup, and it becomes a sail. For an extra touch, loosely wrap some blue tissue paper around the bottom of the cup. Everyone gets their very own Mayflower. This idea came from

Handprint turkeys
Would it be Thanksgiving without this traditional craft? Start with a piece of paper. Your child can trace one of his or her hands on the paper. Use a crayon or pencil for best results. The thumb can be decorated like the head of a turkey. The rest of the fingers become feathers. Use more crayons to color the turkey with bright fall colors. You could turn these adorable turkey drawings into decorative placemats for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving coloring pages
Kids of all ages can color a Thanksgiving themed picture. Here are a few that can be printed out for free. Once they are finished, they can be hung on the refrigerator for Thanksgiving day. Coloring pages also make a nice activity to keep children busy as they wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be done. Start with a few of these: has a Happy Turkey Day coloring page. It has a cartoon turkey who is holding a pie and a small pumpkin. He is sitting in front of two large pumpkins. has a Happy Thanksgiving Day coloring page. It has a cornucopia that is filled with a pumpkin, grapes, apples, and a pear. You can color in the letters of each word, too. has a Happy Thanksgiving coloring page that is extremely detailed. This should give the older kids something interesting to do. It says “Happy Thanksgiving”. The picture is of a very detailed turkey that has lots of small feathers that can be colored.

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